Brash by Nicola Marsh


Reviewed by Desere

Years ago shy un-confident Jess poured her heart out telling Jack, the man of her dreams she loves him, in return the drop dead gorgeous Australian sex on legs turns her down and walks away.

Ten years later she is older and wiser, she has just quit her dead end job and broken up with her no good cheating ex.

Whilst stepping in for her ill mother and assisting with the planning of a wedding she comes face to face with the heart breaker Jack again and this time she is not going to back down until she gets him covered in chocolate and in her bed!

Jack however has always been a firm believer in the never getting down and dirty with one of his best friends sister pack,  was that way ten years ago and still has to be this time.

But he does not count on Jess showing off her new found inner vixen side. Yes, you guessed it he falls for her sexual interludes and he falls hard, but he knows he is still going to need to walk away.

The main characters in this book were well written, Jack is a average guy, okay so I lie he is sexy as sin and not average at all, and despite his stardom status does not walk around with his head in the clouds. He does however have some emotional demons lurking behind his eyes and Jess is the woman to break the chains and set his ever persistent ideas on loyalty free.

Jess was a breath of fresh air, determined to get her man and not afraid to really let go and show the world that underneath the dull, librarian is a sexual tigress just waiting to let loose!

The backdrop settings were fun and exciting bursting with glamour and dripping with sexual heat. The descriptions given by the author were detailed and I as reader could easy picture the island in my minds eye. The dialogue screamed sensual heat, sexual tension, buried emotions and unspoken romance.

What I loved was the author showed that everyone is always good enough to someone no matter how much you doubt it, that special someone will show you that you matter. This was a sexually charged read from one of today's best selling authors.A must read for those looking to escape to a setting of racy sex filled nights, passion infused romance and tender heart felt spoken moments.

5/5 star review
" She's gone bad, very, very bad all in the name of getting her man"


Reviewed by Nas

BRASH by author Nicola Marsh is a February 2013 release.

Jack and Jess had history as Jack was her brother's friend and ten years previosly, Jess had made a fool of herself.

So when they meet again, sparks fly. Jess was event managing a friend's wedding and Jack was the celebrity chef hired.

Set in Las Vegas world of glitter and glamour, BRASH is a fun, entertaining yet emotional and sensual read!

Well worth reading!

Reviewed by Maria

Fans of Nicola Marsh know that they can count on a good read as soon as a book of hers is available for download/hits the shelves.  They’ll get an intriguing plotline, a work of fiction to absorb them with it’s ready wit and breezy style.  Her dry sense of humour is a joy to read.

Jess Harper has realized that it’s good to be bad.  She’s recently shed a job which didn’t challenge her creativity, being a librarian in a small town.  She’s also said goodbye to a dorky fiancé who cheated on her and had the nerve to blame her for it.  Stepping in to her mother’s wedding planner shoes puts her in close proximity to hot celebrity chef Jack McVeigh. He’d eluded Jess some years previously owing to the male code of honor which (allegedly) states ‘thou shalt not make out with thy friend’s sister’.  Jess had decided that Jack is just the man she needs for a short but sweet fling.  Should Jack continue to elude her (he fully intends to) she has a few tricks up her sleeve, courtesy of the Burlesque Bombshell Revue girls of Las Vegas.
The nicest lesson I took away from this book is the fact that if someone really loves you, you don’t need to  be a bombshell with a perfect figure and a bag of sex toys.  Real love is more than enough.

If you like it hot (some do), you’ll love this.  Graphic languages and content is present, my friends.  If you can leave hot, you’ll probably enjoy this anyway.  Nicola’s humor is infectious.

Four out of five stars.


Review by TashNz

Brash is Book 1 of Nicola Marsh's Burlesque Bombshell sizzling series.  

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, yes?  Well, once Jess Harper is re-introduced to her childhood crush, who just happens to be her brothers best friend, Jess throws caution and her cooped up boring stodgy life to the wind and wants a whole lot of lovin to happen in Vegas, with Jack firmly in her sights as the target of her lovin'.

Ten years ago Jack was just an outback chef, now he's a sough after michelin star chef with the world at his feet.  He owes Jess's brother (and hero of book 2) for this, along with the groom of the wedding he's been asked to cater for.  Jess is the wedding planner due to her mum falling sick.  Jess has had enough of being the perfect daughter, sister, librarian and at the risk of being humiliated she sets about getting Jack to notice that she's not a lil girl anymore.  Some hilarious results but you know what they say... practice makes perfect!  Trouble is Jack knows she's not a lil girl any more but she's still his best mate's lis sis.

Much to Jess's delight they are flown to a beautiful island to plan the wedding... perfect location for operation "jump-jack"!  

And I know what you're thinking... is that blindfold on the cover used?  Yeeessss it certainly is!

There's no holding back in terms of heat... it's off the charts!  A fast read and a fun read that's highly enjoyable.

As I write this Book 2 Blush has been released and both Jess and Jack frequently feature.  Book 3 is coming in 2014.

Don't walk past this series if you want a bit of fun and escapism, Brash and Blush perfectly hit the spot.

4 stars