Second Chance by Carla Caruso

Second Chance

Reviewed by Desere

This was a very quick, cute and fun read. It was also the very first time ever that I have read a book where I was expecting just contemporary romance but ended up with time travelling involved.

The read focused on Flora, when she was 21 she not only lost the man of her dreams, but she lost out on the job of her dreams, crashed her car, lost her best friend and made an enemy she never again wants to face.

Aged 36 she has nothing but a plain old job, no boyfriend and instead of celebrating her birthday in style she ends up bumping into her old enemy and sees how the man of her dreams she once lost proposes to another woman.

But with a twist of fate and some cellular magic she is given the opportunity to travel back in time to the week before she lost it all. She reckons she can change her fate by making sure she does not let down her best friend, does not make a lifelong enemy, lands the job of her dreams and still walk away with the love of her life.

Sounds easy enough however, the author very clearly shows that changing the past even with magic time travel falling into your lap is never as easy as it sounds. The character of Flora was very interesting to read about, she is a rather strong and independent woman however, she does not really have the guts to fight for what she wants and because of this she holds back to fight for the life she craves and just goes with the flow, it was interesting to see how the author takes her and bends her into the woman that will have it all.

The author did also offer up interesting secondary characters however she does not really get to their POV and mostly I only got the POV of Flora, so I was left with a bit of a " I want to know what he is thinking" feeling, as I really would have liked to know what Flora's enemy Lance was thinking during moments of him seeing her with her boyfriend Ruben, I think that would have given me as reader a better understanding then just being able to pick up on the element of he wants her.

The setting of the 90's was however stunning, the author incorporated names, songs, movies and other features of those years and I as reader was reminded of so many fun and crazy things for the period. The dialogue was kind of teenager-ish as slang words from the 90's were incorporated but not to the extent that a reader not familiar with it would be lost or not understanding it at all, so yes that was done very nicely.

The sexual heat in this one was of the non x-rated kind after all the characters were only 21 years of age when this all happened, so if you like the hot and passionate kind this read is not for you, it would however be suitable for the younger generation of our time and for those looking for a low in sensual heat level.

A very easy and fun read, very well written and a reminder that if you could change your past there are some things that are better left as is for you never know what awaits you on the other side of romance, life and destiny.

4/5 star review
"Second chances hold the key to unlocking your enemies heart" 

Reviewed by Nas

SECOND CHANCE by author Carla Caruso is a February 2013 release from Destiny Romance.

Flora is getting tired of her life in early thirties. Then she zaps back to her teens. Hilarious events follow after that.

A very fun, entertaining story. It is time-travel in romance!

SECOND CHANCE brings us to the question, if we could change the past what would we change?

Author Carla Caruso has created characters which leap off the page and speak to you.

Highly entertaining and well recommended!


Reviewed by Maria

A very reader friendly novel which pulls you right in.  This author's style is immensely pleasing.

Flora Brunelli is a thirtysomething single woman who has an enjoyable life, a career, a home and loving parents and a sister, but something is definitely missing.  Love has eluded her and she regrets a couple of mistakes she made in her early twenties.  It's a textbook 'if I could turn back time' situation.  After her thirty sixth  birthday celebrations fall flat and she's wallowing in the mire, so to speak, the unbelievable happens.  She's a young, carefree student again with a boyfriend who she loves and wants to be with forever.  And of course, she'll do it all right this time,won't she?

She's living with her parents again, chafing at the restrictions of home life, but her beloved gran is still alive.  And gran wisely tells her to never regret anything she's done..... When will Flora learn to let the past go and move on?

Written in a breezy style with a huge dollop of humour, this romantic comedy of a novel will leave you smiling.  Well, that's what it did to me.
Reviewed by TashNz

Carla Caruso, you had me at Hello!

I loved the light, fun and humorous read that Second Chance offers.  It could in fact totally be a movie, I know I'd watch it!

Flora is literally given a second chance at the week that she considers ruined her life 15 years ago.  The second chance happens pretty quickly and before I knew it i was giggling away to the many references of the 90's and Flora's reactions to things that happened so many years ago.  Even tho she was transported back to the past she still has her memory of the future which makes her observations hilarious.  Flora's trip back in time has surprises for all!

I loved the trip down memory lane Second Chances personally took me, for instance TLC's Waterfalls was released during the time I had my first full time job and I can remember the days without cellphones and if only we knew what excitement Ereaders would bring us in the future. I recently read an interview by Carla Caruso where she shares how she researched this book, I think she's done an ace job!

The two main men in Flora's life are portrayed so well that you know who you want her to be with but you're left with enough mystery to wonder how it will all turn out like. Flora is quite Bridget Jones-esque in the way that you know she's just normal and could be any one of us and she has her ups and downs and she's just so lovable you want her to have her happy ever after.

Second Chance is such an enjoyable laugh a minute read which I read in one sitting because it's fast paced, quirky and easy to read. The ending pages were just perfect.  I would totally recommend for anyone who loves the 90's, Seinfeld, comedies or wants to sit down with a cuppa and have a really good giggle.