The Karmic Connection by Libby Mercer

The Karmic Connection

Reviewed by Desere

Karma! Yes ladies karma is a word we often hear and all though not everyone believes in it, it still has all the magical elements to make a good romance in any setting.

This read is about Lorraine, she lost her way in life and ended up working as yoga instructor at Luna, an escape for people when life gets too much to handle. She reckons she has her life all planned out, she does not deserve happiness and instead just focuses on helping others find their way again.

Enter Mr I'll-knock-your-yoga-pose-right-out-of-you Adam ! Adam is there for a retreat but not by choice! But seeing Lorraine he reckons this could get fun, and so starts a journey of two people bound by karma and the universe to find their happy ever after.

The main characters of Adam and Lorraine were both somewhat similar to what I as reader am use to seeing in romance books yet at the same time very different.

Lorraine is weak but does not show it to the outside world and only a very close secondary character is able to pick up on it, but she is also a rather strange woman in the sense that she believes she does not deserve happiness.

Surly we all do and reading about a character that believes she does not was very different, yet enlightening  I was rooting for this woman to find her way!

Adam was your average modern day man, he works hard, too hard but when forced to hit the road of recovery he turns into a very kind soul, with a very good heart, but he also has a very and I mean very quirky side and this made him different from your normal romance hero, but certainly in a good way.

The backdrop setting was delightful and so very calm , it was as if the author let me get rid of my own stress just as her characters are meant to do. I loved how the author let the calm and peace of Luna shine from the residents there to help others, by using it's tranquillity to transform the characters.

Dialogue wise this read was a hoot at some stages as the author incorporated some words that are certainly not heard everyday and it had me laughing out loud.

The book is one of self discovery and finding courage to go after your dreams and therefore also had deep emotional moments of friends talking and I mean really talking to get to the heart of matters.

The author did a wonderful job of showing that listening to someone can really make a difference and letting go of your doubts and fears can be the best decision of your life. I recommend this read for lovers of modern day romance with a different outlook at how people find their true love.

5/5 star review
"Finding love along a road of recovery" 

Reviewed by Maria

Nowadays, we are so immune to the high voltage sex in romance novels that we feel something's missing if it's not there.  Author Libby Mercer is one of those talented writers who can  write a romance without writing 'hot' and still keep the story charged with sexual tension and excitement.

THE KARMA CONNECTION is a novel set initially in the business world of Manhattan and ultimately in the quiet hills of Vermont.  Libby's writing brings these two completely contrasting worlds vividly alive.  I literally found myself enjoying the quiet, peaceful atmosphere of Luna Wellness Centre, a new age retreat house,  as well as the excitement of the business world.  In fairness, most of the story unfolds at the new age retreat centre, but that was quite okay.

Workaholic Adam is literally kidnapped at his desk and despatched to the Luna Wellness Centre with almost military precision by his employers.  Once there, he bides his time until he can return to the business world.  Frankly, he's unimpressed with the 'hippy dippy' types he encounters here.  However, he's stopped in his tracks by the beautiful Lorraine, one of the Wellness Guides at Luna Wellness.  The attraction between the pair is strong.  But soon Adam will return to the cutthroat business world when his retreat is over and Lorraine never wants to go back there again.  Does this couple have a future?  The characters, Adam and Lorraine literally leapt off the page.

I found this novel fascinating as an exploration of the New Age culture and enjoyed reading about the contrast with the frantic pace of the modern world.  I've learnt a lot about the new developments of the modern world from Libby Mercer's writing.  I recommend this book and look forward to many more books from her in the future.  THE KARMIC CONNECTION is a romance with a strong message - that it is possible to bring two worlds together.  Which, of course, is exactly as it should be!