Rescuing Dawn by Nicole Flockton

Reviewed by Desere

Finding the man of your dreams during your teenager years is very rare, okay not so rare but holding onto that love found is a complete different story.

You are both still young and have hopes and dreams, and if the dreams don't meet up in the middle there really is no chance of the relationship working.

In this read from author Nicole Flockton she tells the story of Dawn, she once met the man of her dreams but then he went off seeking adventure and left her behind. She dealt with the pain and heartache only to find more heartache. So when the man of her dreams Andrew walks back into her life she understandably would rather run away then run back into his arms again.

The character of Dawn was a tragic one, she has suffered loss of loved ones more than once and that has made her the type of person that would rather just focus on work and nothing else, for getting attached to anyone and then loosing them would be more than she can bare, she will not put herself at risk again. I did not so much like the character, as yes I could understand she has been hurt and is scared to take a risk at loving again, but the reasoning behind her guilt trip with regards to not being allowed happiness was just a little too unreal. I honestly wanted to grab this character and just shake some sense into her. I did however love that the author uses her past pain to open the road to a new life, but as I said I did really care too much for the reasoning of the guilt.

The character of Andrew was very pleasant, I understood his reasoning for leaving Dawn behind so long ago, all of us needs adventure and sometimes we have no choice but to let go of ones we love in order to go and seek our happiness.  I adored that the author lets him be kind and caring and very patient with Dawn, it showed that the man is definitely strong enough to take whatever Dawn and her pain throws his way.

The backdrop and dialogue was well written and had a nice and cosy feeling to it. What I did not like about this read was that it was slow and almost dragged out, yes healing takes time but at times I found myself wanting to shout out " Just spit it out already!"

I feel the author could have moved the healing between Andrew and Dawn to a quicker pace,I think this would have given the read a bit more excitement, which would have let the book just flow a little more.

A nice message of when you love someone set them free if it's meant to be they will come back to you.

Overall a very nice afternoon read, with heartfelt romance and lots of emotion. I recommend this read for lovers of reading romance where past and future collides to make way for a happy ever after.

4 star review
"She helps save lives, but can she save herself?" 

Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

Rescuing Dawn by Nicole Flockton
Andrew Holmes left Nicole after dating her for two years. He told her he was going to follow his dreams of sailing around the world and he did not know when he would be back. After a near death experience at sea he returns home to become a Paramedic and comes face to face with the woman he never forgot.

Dawn Granger never truly got over the young man who walked away from her. He had been her entire life. And when Andrew left so did a big piece of her heart. After a number of years she met and married Tom, even though the love was more one sided, she had moved on to a certain extent. Then tragedy struck when a car accident took the life of her husband and son. She now finds herself working long hours as an emergency room nurse on the graveyard shift, only to go home eat and go to bed so she can get up and do it all over again. This is how she copes, with the unbearable lost of her husband and young infant son.  Dawn is still suffering grief two years later.

Dawn has mixed feelings about starting a relationship again with Andrew or any man for that matter. And part of me as a reader totally understood that. I think I would have felt the same feelings to a certain extent, would he walk away again, would be at the back of my mind too.  I did feel there was a great attraction between these two, and that they were meant to be together. I believe Andrew was just very young and selfish in the decisions he made.

I had mixed feelings with this story for a couple of reasons. In the story line Dawn is very indecisive weather she wants to be in a relationship with Andrew again or not, and I don’t mean just a few times. The author at one point writes the following. “I want to believe you, but you tell me you’re ready to move forward and then you take three steps back.” That is how I felt this book was for a while. One to two steps forward then a few steps back. And why had Andrew not gone to the trouble to find Dawn when he returned to Perth? But then the Author writes one of the most moving scenes when Dawn and Andrew go away for a few days. And Dawn is having a little bit of a quiet time reflecting, that just brought me to tears.

Bottom line is this a good read? Yes at times it is good, but at other times frustrating with Dawn’s Character going back and forth so much. 

4/4 stars

Review by TashNz

Rescuing Dawn, a 2013 June Crimson Reads release, took me on the heartfelt journey of Dawn, a nurse who has lost everything in the world that was precious to her. A very good looking blast from her past rolls in thru the emergency doors and like all good paramedics do, Andrew decides he will put 100% effort into a rescue, the rescue of Dawn.

I wouldn’t want to be in Dawn’s shoes and think that the author did a great job of describing how one may feel being in such a situation.  I liked Andrew’s character and think that his characteristics suited Dawn and that any other alpha hero wouldn’t have worked in this story.  I liked the emergency ward setting and thought it was a fantastic idea by the author to put Dawn in such a setting to enable her character to grieve by sleeping the day away…it was a small detail that helped form Dawn in my mind and understand a little of what she must be going thru.

Overall I thought Nicole Flockton, one of my favourite debut authors, has given us readers a very carefully written tale which covers a range of sensitive issues with respect and sensitivity.

Rescuing Dawn would be a winner with fans of Medical Romances and Sweet lines and for fans of Novella length stories.

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Reviewed by Maria

Dawn's life can only be described as ghastly.  She walks in a twilight world, unable to face the day, a woman who 'man's' the night shift, night after night.  As the broken bodies are brought in, there is no balance, no day to balance the night, no health to balance the sickness.  The loss of her husband and child has left her a wife without a husband and a mother without a child.  A woman without a life.  As a nurse, her commitment to the patients injured in emergency is commendable.  But does she have an agenda?

Then, paramedic Andrew comes back into her life.  The man who left her years before, without a backward glance, leaving her devastated.  The man who broke her heart and left her to pick up the pieces of a shattered life.  Which she'd successfully got back together until it shattered again.

Can Andrew and Dawn get things right this time around?  Can Dawn leave the gruesome night shift life and step out into the sun?  Andrew wants to make it happen. But can he?

This is no flirty, frothy romance, but an intense, emotional story which will leave a lump in your throat at times.  But if you like intense, emotional reads, get this.