Girl Least Likely To Marry by Amy Andrews


Girl Least Likely to Marry

Reviewed by Desere

We all know reading is knowledge and knowledge is power, and everything you know has come from books, but what if reading all the books in the world has taught you everything except when it comes to love, you know absolutely nothing and you have no idea how to act or what any of the feelings mean?

For scientist Cassie this is precisely the case. She has always put everything down to logic. But when she meets I'll-bring-you-to-orgasm-even-if-it-takes-me-all-night Tuck she is not so sure anymore. Her head is telling her that the logic in this fierce attraction to jock boy is nothing more than pheromones, after all the man is as dumb as a post and all he has going for him is his killer smile and the ability to kiss her senseless.

But her attraction to him nags on her and she is minus her precious eight hours of sleep and feels completely out of sorts. Her best friend urge her to take action by telling her it is simply her libido that needs a good dose of sex and then she will be just fine again and able to get back to her research.

So Cassie gathers all her courage and goes to Tuck comes straight out and says she wants him and she wants him now, but it is strictly in order to get her libido back on track, one night and one night only. But Tuck is more than just a pretty face and when he discovers her little sexual secret the man is out on a mission to give Cassie the full experience even if it kills him.

Only, after breaking the chains Tuck and Cassie both find they simply cannot be without each other and so follows nights of endless passion and more orgasms than either one can count. But when it comes to Tuck revealing what is in his heart, and Cassie telling him this is nothing more than logic he has to pull out all the stops to get her to start thinking with her heart and stop listening to her head.

The character of Cassie was a truly strange and unusual one, not the kind we almost always find in romance reads. No she is a nerd through and through, and I mean all the way! She does not go all out to try and dress up, no she walks around in baggy t-shirts, nerdy slogans displayed on her underwear and a pony tail is her idea of hair being just that, hair tucked away!

I found it very refreshing as it was nice to read about the other side so to speak, as oppose to the usual dressed to impress pulling out all the stops to seduce kind of heroines. However I did cringe at some of the things she says and does, for as most woman know you need to at least try and make some kind of effort with your appearance, but the author did lay out her personality very accurately which let me understand Cassie's reasoning behind it all. I liked that she in the start puts everything down to facts as it is sometimes what most things in life comes down to, but I adored that the author lets her completely go out of whack when her logic fades in the arms of Tuck.

Tuck was a really great hero, he is kind and considerate yet lets the world think he is out to party all the time with any willing woman, which he is most of the time, but only in order to forget his lost career. And because he is truly a nice guy deep down, him letting others think he has a IQ of 10 made him so much fun to read about. I laughed so hard at his idiotic replies to most of the things Cassie says I had tears streaming down my face.

I loved that he slowly goes from all around good time guy to protector of innocent Cassie, not only showing her the route to sexual happiness but to truly being there for her, without her even realizing it. Again as with Cassie the author did not create the usual kind of hero, instead she gave me as reader a yes very smart guy, sports hero and player, but unlike the usual romance hero's Tuck is fun and creative as oppose to the arrogant and overbearing kind

The backdrop settings were simply delightful and exciting to read. I was taken to the stars by the author in each and every setting even when there simply was just a ceiling to look at and not a star in sight! The dialogue was hot and passionate laced with sexy words of understanding and compassion, and yes loads of humour!

In the end I walked away with a message that is a very valuable one, you need to simply let go and listen to your heart every now and then for if you only use your head you will lose the gift of love faster than you can calculate the distance from the earth to the moon. I am also going to add that Cassie sniffing it all up, yes you read that right I said sniffing, was the most hilarious thing I have read in a long time, and if want to know just what I mean by that you will need to read the book!

The author did a truly remarkable job at taking feelings and blending in the elements of science!

A passionate, thrilling, fun, fresh, sexy and exciting read! I recommend this read for lovers of Amy Andrews books, for those looking to read about unusual characters that find themselves discovering there is more to life than just facts and playing all the time!

5/5 star review
" Reason and logic goes out the window with just one sniff" 

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Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

Girl Least Likely to Marry (The Wedding Season, #2)In Girl Least Likely To Marry: We meet Cassiopeia “Cassie” Barclay who rocks an IQ of 163. I fell in love with this quirky and nerdy genius. From the way she dresses to not caring about wearing make-up. Add in her demands to needing eight hours of sleep each night. She is very different from your typical heroine. And she is instantly attracted to Tuck and his pheromones.

Samuel Tucker aka Tuck is every woman’s dream. A professional quarterback who’s career is most likely over. He is everything a woman could want. GQ - good looking, thoughtful, smart, sexy, and a great sense of humor. I want a hero that is going to do the things for me that Tuck did for Cassie.

I found this a very enjoyable read with plenty of laughs throughout. I also enjoyed the conversations between Cassie and Tuck. Sleeping outside under the stars sounds so romantic. And the star ceiling was truly sweet. One small thing I did not care for, was the overuse of the word pheromone. I felt it was used a little too often.

4.5/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.