Imprisoned By A Vow by Annie West

Reviewed by Nas

IMPRISONED BY A VOW by USA Bestselling author Annie West is Harlequin Presents 2013 release.

Joss Carmody is a billionaire and he can have anything he want. Yet he does a deal with Leila’s stepfather to marry her for oil-rich land. He just has to shower her in diamonds and finance her shopping trips.

Yet, she is not going out shopping. Why? Now Joss is intrigued by his wife. And he feels drawn toward her. The spark between them is very real. Would he be able to unravel the enigma his wife was?

IMPRISONED BY A VOW is as much a story about recovering from past grief as it is about the unquenchable desire between Leila and Joss. Reading of Leila’s past hurts packs an emotional punch so powerful that you wouldn’t be able to stem the tears. It truly is a romance packed with sizzle and sexual tension adding to the page turning quality of the book.

Annie West’s story-telling makes the characters come alive on the pages and the reader is personally involved in their happiness and craves the resolution as deeply as they do. Highly recommended for all lovers of sizzling sensuality and romance.


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

Imprisoned By A Vow by Annie West

Leila hates the idea that she is basically being sold into marriage, but anything would be better than staying with her abusive stepfather. She will even let the man chosen for her, believe she loves nothing but spending his money. Nothing could be further from the truth. She just wants to escape the hell she has been living in.

Growing up with parents that liked to use their children as pawns in their personal war with each other helped mold Joss Carmody into the man he is today. He does not love, has no emotions and never thought he would marry. But this is to be a marriage on paper. That is until his wife starts grabbing his attention. He soon realizes the wife he believed to be a spoiled shopaholic, never even leaves the penthouse.

I really enjoyed how these two tortured souls found each other. I enjoyed the passion that grew between these two. I loved how Joss helped Leila overcome her issues. And the things he did to right the wrongs she had suffered. While I had issue with how Joss left. I think the author did a really good job of showing he really was scared, having never experience true love from  anyone.

4.5/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book from The Author in exchange for an honest review.


Review by TashNz
Annie West's Imprisoned by a Vow

Annie West's Imprisoned by a Vow is an absolute masterpiece! A classic scenario of arranged marriage has been taken and completely turned on its head in so many ways to make it a delightful original and for-keeps re-read, which I have already done twice.

Leila's had her marriage arranged for her by her awful, abusive stepfather. Joss has agreed to marry Leila and in doing so has bought the oil fields she's inherited.  Leila just wants to get as far away from Bakhara as she can and seems so excited to get to the airport she can barely walk.   

Leila and Joss are both a means to an end for each other but it's not long before Joss is curious.  It's odd Leila's not out spending money as he figures most wives do.  In fact she has no money.  She has an awful selection of clothes, has no intention of honoring her marriage contract and is so madly stubborn.  Not to mention whenever they go anywhere Leila turns a whiter shade of pale.

I loved Leila, she's a brilliant character.  She's had a hard time with her stepfather but he hasn't entirely crushed her spirit and this makes for some funny, engaging and heart breaking conversations and moments between her and Joss.  Leila has escaped Bakhara but cant achieve her dreams because she still cant step foot out her front door. 

Joss is one of my favorite heroes.  His point of views really helped establish that he's a hard working, no nonsense kind of guy and even tho he doesn't have time for a wife the way he sets about helping Leila is brilliant.     

In a fantastic little twist we meet up again with Sheikh Zahir of Bakhara from Defying Her Desert Duty.  I loved that part and loved the appearance of a fave character from other Annie West stories.

Reading Imprisoned by a Vow
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Why is this book so original?  To start with Leila isn't expected to sleep with Joss as part of the marriage. He isn't interested in kids, or a wife really, he just needs the oil fields to advance his business.  Leila and Joss are amicable to each other and their friendship slowly grows from nothing into something that ends up meaning the world.      

Imprisoned by a Vow is a beautifully crafted love story that has all the drama, humor and originality to capture me from the first page.  The characters are fantastically likable and strong characters who suit each other to a T.  The addition of Sheikh Zahir is a delightful surprise and its a fast paced, gripping read.  I couldn't put it down and have read it twice.  Top rating 5 stars for sure!!!

Reviewed by Desere 

We all know the story of being sold into marriage, it is usually for the sake of family honour or a business deal or even just because it is tradition.

No matter the reason, the outcome is never the same nor does anyone actually take the time to stop and think of how it is affecting the person being sold. Their emotions are overshadowed by the end goal and everyone around them simply just sees their dreams coming true.

In the new read from Annie West she takes the old and certainly done before marriage in the name of business story and gives it a whole new meaning , bringing it to life with strong characters, vivid backdrops and let's it all unfold in a complete different manner than the stories of the same concept usually do, she also does a brilliant job at letting those forgotten emotions stand up and take action!

The read tells of Leila, to escape her abusive stepfather she will do anything, even marry a stranger and to make him happy she will even pretend she is like all other spoiled rich daughters going on the one shopping spree after the other spending his cash wherever she goes. It will after-all not set her free from her prison of always doing what she it told but it will get her away from her stepfather and that is the first most important step to freedom.

The man of the moment to take her away from it all is You-re-hot-but-all-you-are-to-me-is-the-bait Joss. He sees Leila as a means to up his business and she sees him as her way out without any emotional mess, that is until they find themselves in 'confined spaces' and the chemistry is so hot it simply cannot be ignored. Soon the sheets are burning hotter than the Sahara desert and stronger than any other bond, but when love comes knocking they both need to face facts, for Leila this is easy but to convince the cold hearted I-only-warm-up-in-bed Joss is a fight she might never win.

The character of Leila was simply fantastic, I loved every single thing about her! She was strong and determined in order to survive but at the same time a go with the flow woman in order to escape, keeping her emotions to herself and only letting them rise when the moment truly calls for it. To me as reader this was a very realistic link as even I have found that when trapped into a corner and there is a way out, not the perfect way but yes unfortunately into another trap, you take it, for it is the first step to eventually getting to the end of being trapped. It makes you stronger, more versatile and certainly lets you learn what your limits are. The author really let this shine through in the actions and outcomes for Leila and by the end of the read I could not be more prouder of Leila and her amazing fight to live another day attitude.

The character of Joss was not the usual type I find in the Harlequin Presents reads, he was not as most of them are, after the business and the bonus score of having a beautiful woman in his bed, no he was more focused on the business point blank! The reasoning behind these actions were very interesting and reflected just how much one's childhood can influence your decisions as adult. I simply adored the manner the author used Leila in to let Joss come around and be that kind of hero all romance readers want, but she also did so with a little twist, she let him change but only to a certain extent and not fully, by the end of the read I had the hero I wanted but he still had plenty of gung-ho left to give the read a spicy live will never be the same feel. Brilliant job Annie!!

The backdrop settings and dialogue were passionately described, beautifully incorporated and stunningly brought to life. I am taking away a message of walking from one trap right into another simply to escape does not always have the outcome you may think it will, you might find yourself fighting a battle far worse than before with no way out, there simply will not be another corner to duck around to, making you face facts and stand to the end. And letting the actions from years before allow to shape you into a cruel, cold hearted human being  is denying yourself the chance at happiness.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of Annie West romances! A passionate, sensual, emotional read with a delicious outcome and a very strong message of love conquers all!

5/5 star review
" Trapped by the bonds of marriage, forever bound by love' 

Reviewed by Maria

The arranged marriage theme is popular in romance novels published in the English speaking world.  The very idea of being married off to someone one hasn't picked for oneself tends to fill the western mind with thoughts of horror and revulsion.  Yet it's a way of life for many of our sisters in eastern cultures.  As a westerner living in Asia, I've attended numerous weddings, man of which were arranged by the parents of the couple rather than by the couple themselves.  And surprisingly for us, many of them work out well, no less well than marriages in  our so called 'free society'.

However, in the case of Bakhari lass Leila, this is not the case.  Instead of choosing a partner for his stepdaughter  who would suit her personality and expectations, her stepfather has coldheartedly married her off to a business associate for his own personal gain. That's totally wrong.  The system of arranged marriages is not meant to work that way.  One wonders what made handsome alpha male Joss Carmody opt for marriage which has a prenup which reads more like a business deal.  That's because he suffered emotional abuse as a child and wants the business benefits of marriage without the messy emotional and potentially damaging (in his view) involvement.

But Leila has also been mentally and emotionally abused.  Mental cruelty is so strange.  It leaves no bruises on the skin, but it scars the mind.  The abuse Leila suffered played with her mental and physical health.  Yet having grown up in a healthy, happy family, she knows there is something better out there.  Her thinking is clear and she has realistic expectations of life.

When they marry, Joss and Leila are two pretty messed up individuals, but the healing power of love can help heal their wounds and make them whole again.  How they make it work is a fascinating read.  Of the two characters, I preferred Leila.  Joss freaked me out with his 'no pregnancy' clause in the prenup. Men who want to enjoy the benefits of a relationship without responsibility for the outcome raise my feminist ire. But heck, he's Leila's man, not mine and it's her job to turn him around. Believe me, she was more than up to the job. It was lovely to catch up on Zahir and Soraya, another couple who featured in an earlier Annie West read which I enjoyed immensely, DEFYING HER DESERT DUTY.  I also closed this book, IMPRISONED BY A VOW happily at the end, delighted to have enjoyed another great read from Annie West.

That's how I always feel when I read this author.  Satisfied and happy.  Go grab this one while it's still in print, if you like quality romance reads.  And if you can't get your hands on the print, the ebook is available.