The Paris Time Capsule by Ella Carey

Reviewed by Desere

A few months ago I read a online article about an apartment in Paris that had been abandoned for 70 years. In 1942 the owner had fled Paris fearing Nazi persecution but had continue to make the monthly payments for the apartment. Only after her death in 2010 at the age of 91 her executor sent a team to find out why payments on the apartment had been kept up for 70 years.

When the team arrived and unlocked the apartment door, they found a stunningly preserved Parisian apartment filled with many antiques and artwork, all dating back to as far as 1888. What they also found were love letters written by some of the wealthiest and powerful men in history. I am talking Prime Ministers and famous artists! 

As they dug through the various artworks, clothes, jewels and antiques the team were in complete shock as I am sure I would be too, history from so many years ago was perfectly preserved. But why the owner never returned is a mystery that will never be solved. 

Except if you are an author with a stunning imagination, brilliant writing skills and a strong believe in happy endings. Then us reading addicts get the chance to step into the abandoned apartment and get taken on a beautiful journey of romance, mystery and history. 

Author Ella Carey, incorporated this remarkable real life event into a even more remarkable read. We meet Cat, who suddenly finds herself as the new owner of the abandoned apartment. But upon arrival in Paris the original owner's grandson suddenly makes an appearance and Cat immediately knows he and his mother are the rightful heir's, why they are refusing to claim what clearly belongs to them, is something she intends to rectify, but to do this she needs to solve the mystery and discover why the apartment was left to her in the first place. 

The read was absolutely stunning from start to finish. From the moment the author took me inside the apartment I was hopelessly trapped ! The author described the detail of the contents with such vivid clarity that I could actually picture it all, without even once having to refer back to the web images, as I often find myself having to do when reading a book based on a real life event. 

And I was so lost in this stunning world that I could smell the dust and the rot when the doors are opened, I could imagine myself dressing up and sitting down in front of the mirror, dabbing on some perfume and adding some jewels. Yes I realize the author had lots to work with as the images are all over the web, but it takes a very talented author to describe it all to me as reader and not make me want to go look up pictures to form the image in my mind, I am a very visual person and only if you describe something to me in vivid detail will I not go on the hunt. 

The mystery surrounding Cat and her inheriting something that clearly belongs to someone else was so intriguing that it captured my attention so badly I wished I could climb inside this book and discover for myself what the what, how and who is, lucky for me the author did it for me, she took me on a intense journey as Cat travels through France to discover the truth and along the way I am very pleased to say,  she also finds her own little piece of romance. 

Everything about this book was simply magical, the vividly described backdrops, the remarkable characters, the mysteries being unraveled, the romance, everything blended to pure perfection by the author.

I highly recommend this read for anyone and everyone that loves reading. It was a history lesson mixed with a large dose of mystery and a dash of romance, what more could a reader ask for!   

The Paris Time CapsuleThank you Ella Carey for letting me experience a touch of magic and wonder, and letting my mind drift into the world of the possibilities of just why someone would never return to some of the world's most amazing treasures. 

5/5 star review 
" The mystery starts with a key, a portrait and some old love letters" 

**** The story is the author's own and no possible reason for the owner never returning has ever been found


Reviewed by Nas 

THE PARIS TIME CAPSULE is April 2014 release by author Ella Carey.

Catherine Jordan receives a package from a lawyer in Paris. It states that she had inherited something and enclosed she finds a key. She is intrigued by the idea of an inheritance but knows it could be something really small. She knows that her grand-mother used to live in Paris in her wild youth.

So she has to go to Paris to find out the truth as the lawyer refused to divulge the truth of her inheritance to her over the phone. What she finds in Paris astounds her because she has inherited the beautiful and mysterious Isabelle de Florian’s legacy, her apartment full of old, unique and antique treasures. Among them a very valuable painting of Isabelle’s grandmother Marthe  de Florian, a courtesan of the high class. And the apartment is full of love letters from the very powerful and wealthy men.  

She is not sure that she is the rightful heir when another heir turns up. She is all for giving it all up to Loic Archer and his mother, the true heirs. But they refuse to take her inheritance. They just wanted to find out why Isabelle kept this a secret. She had so much wealth yet she lived a very poor life. Loic’s mother cannot reconcile to the fact that she was brought up in poverty while her mother had all this wealth stashed away. And the main reason…why Cat Jordan as the heir? So Cat has to find out the truth for them as well as for herself. Then she embarks on a fascinating journey of discovery.  Unearthing the truth also brings her self-discovery and what she wants in her life.

THE PARIS TIME CAPSULE is an intriguing story. A reader would get hooked from the first page and would keep turning the pages till late at night, trying to unravel the mystery this story is. It is a mysterious, thrilling and suspenseful story. Yet the author Ella Carey also did justice to the romance thread running throughout the story. The interaction between Cat, Loic and his mother is warm and tender. It is a pleasure to read this spin on a true story. 

Reviewed by Janie

The book starts with Catherine "Cat" Jordan receiving a package.  Turns out a woman that her Grandmother knew has left her an inheritance.  Cat travels to Paris and finds out she has inherited an apartment.  Loic Archer is the Grandson and rightful heir but refuses to let Cat give it up.

Once they enter the apartment the story takes off.   Author Ella Carey describes each artifact so that you can see it in your minds eye.  Cat and Loic are finding out some interesting information about each of their Grandmothers. 

Once you pass through the slow beginning of the book you will not be disappointed.  Mystery and Romance of Lore.  The stories behind the artifacts will come to life.  Very enjoyable.  Since it is based on a true story you can imagine someone going through this in their life.  Always a plus to tie it into history.  

4.5 Star review 

Reviewed by Shirley Buchanan

How could Catherine Jordan have ever believed that a plainly wrapped package with a pretty bow from Paris would turn her world upside down and inside out? It wasn't just a simply wrapped present from someone in that city, but an immersion into a mysterious world of suspense, intrigue and complications that now filled her former calm and stable life.

Plodding along in her calm and serene life, Catherine “Cat” Jordan is content as a photographer for a studio and pleased in her stable relationship with her boyfriend,Christian Carter. When the package arrives and she needs to go to Paris to straighten it out, she never realizes all the changes that would take place. The key she received in the package belongs to an apartment caught in a time warp, filled with priceless possessions, and a decades old mystery. With the arrival of Loic Archer, the grandson of the previous owner, on the scene, the mystery deepens. She wants to do the right thing and give it to him and his family, but they refuse without knowing why Isabelle de Florian, their grandmother, wanted it this way. So a deal is struck between them. She will investigate the mystery and if she can prove it is theirs, they will take it. But she can't forget Christian, who wants to hurry their engagement along swiftly. No one seems to care what she wants. Only she has the same question, what does she want?

With every answer came another question. Why did Isabelle leave a Parisian apartment filled with antiques, love letters and an original Boldini painting to her? Why was everything not left to her own family instead? Was she so accommodating now with Christian that she would allow others to plan her engagement party and wedding regardless of her desires? How could she continue to ignore the feelings that she felt for Loic? And what about the questions she asked herself? Was she trying to mold herself into Christian's world? Had she forgotten her dream of owning a photography studio? All valid questions that needed answers that only she could find. Maybe with the answers she could satisfy herself, Christian, Loic and Slyvie, Isabelle's daughter.

A fabulous book. The intricate weaving of a superbly written plot with well developed characters around a true historical event. With the descriptions of scenery, residencies, and other intimate details, such as, the dust storm upon first opening the apartment after so many years, the rows of grape vines trailing across the hillside and perusing old texts in an ancient nunnery, I felt as if I was there trying to help solve the mystery. The intertwining of several stories about love, life and the pursuit of happiness provided an excellent backdrop to the main plot. Ella Carey weaved an incredible, marvelous story. This was the first book I have read of hers, but it will not be the last.

Highly recommend to all romance readers who enjoy a story filled with history, mystery, love and romance.

I was given a copy by the author for an honest review.

5/5 stars                      A package, a key and a mystery could change your entire life.
Reveiw by TashNz

What a lovely story to read over the Easter break!

I have been keeping up with the lovely reviews this story has been receiving and looking forward to getting stuck in and I wasn't disappointed.  Packed with loads of information I do recommend you find a quiet corner to fully appreciate the story.  It's certainly not a book that you can read with the TV on in the background.

Inspired by recent events and a true story Ella Carey has written a wonderful tale about Cat Jordan who inherits an apartment in Paris.  It doesnt belong to her or her family so she's quite sure it isnt rightfully hers to inherit.  Along the way we meet many interesting characters, Loic Archer, grandson of the owner, her boyfriend Christian, the art investigators and characters Cat uses to delve into the mystery of the apartment.  The apartment is filled with antique parisian furniture and art which is worth a fortune.  What's priceless tho is the historical letters that are discovered.

It's hard to discuss the plot without spoiling the story so I would like to draw attention to the lovely way the story is written, it flows well and slowly drew me in as the mystery surrounding the apartment and the past owner is gradually discovered thru the letters and the furniture and art which also tells its own story while in the meantime we have Cat and her fiancee and his family in the background then mixed with that is Loic, Cat's partner in crime if you will, who is there with his realistic outlook on life and I can tell you it wasn't very far into the story that I wished and hoped Cat would look his way and throw stuck up Christian to the curb.

I was very lucky to receive an ARC from the Author for my honest opinion which summed up is: The Paris Time Capsule by Ella Carey is a magical story, it swept me back to a past era, a time long gone by, with characters that were endearing and charming, it took me on a great ride that my imagination had a ball of a time with and which I felt was quite lovely when I finished.

I must also mention the lovely cover, it begs to be read.

Find yourself a secluded corner and let The Paris Time Capsule sweep you away to another time and place, you are only limited by your imagination and Ella Carey's story certainly lets you use tons of it.

Reviewed by Maria

This is the debut novel from the Francophile Ella Carey.  And what an experience reading this has been.  Beautifully crafted, it’s as tempting as a profiterole, as delicious as a freshly baked croissant, as satisfying as a cup of French ‘cafĂ©’  and as heady as a glass of French red wine.  Am I a Francophile?  The answer is yes.  My French is a bit rusty I know, but I adore the whole French experience and love to visit ‘la belle France’ when the opportunity arises, even if it’s only through the pages of a book……

When the lovably boho photographer Cat Jordan, who is in a serious relationship with a Wall Street financier, receives the key to a French apartment in the post and realizes that a certain Isabelle de Florian has bequeathed her an apartment, totally ignoring her own heirs, Cat is drawn into a web of intrigue which will send her on a journey from Paris to Provence, turning back the pages of history. The journey takes her to wartime France and even further, back to those legendary Parisian days when the ladies of the ‘demi monde’ ruled Paris.  The beautiful courtesan, Marthe de Florian, looms large in the story, even if she’s only a shadow from the past.  The film ‘Camille’ starring Greta Garbo, springs to mind, along with the glamour of another age.  As Cat unravels the mysteries of Marthe’s Paris apartment, her own world (not to mention her Wall Street financier) is calling her back.  But does she really want to return?  Cat will not only discover the truth about her grandmother, she will also discover the truth about herself.

For readers of romance and mystery, THE PARIS TIME CAPSULE is highly recommended.  Considering that it practically brings you on a trip to France and back, it’s worth every cent you’ll spend on its purchase. I consider myself very lucky  to have received my copy in exchange for an honest review.