Vodka Warrior by Mickey J. Corrigan

Reviewed by Desere 

This was a super hot and very funny read. The book takes a look into the life of Theresa. She has
hit rock bottom. drinking, sweating it out and not really worrying about what she looks like. 

All of us have visited the land of rock bottom and most of us luckily have pulled through, but it is never done without the help of a good friend or in the case of Theresa come hither and Ill make you scream my name all night long Vario.

In the beginning the man is a total jerk, muscled up and totally hot, but yes a jerk. He hangs out in the hot tub with the play boy bunny types and at first it seems he does not like Theresa very much, as it should be, no guy looks at a hungover sweaty female, but he does come around at a later stage. 

And right here is where this read becomes super hot and gave me as reader a stunning message, when you have motivation anyone can pull themselves from the depths of despair. 

I really enjoy this author's writing style, she manages to put sexy sass, hot loving, crazy funny and real life emotion all in to one magical little package. 

I recommend this read for anyone looking for something REAL to read, the characters are very realistic and the challenges they face very true!

4.5 star review 
" Happiness can be found when you look past the bottle and outside the hottub"

Reviewed by Nas

VODKA WARRIOR by author Mickey. J. Corrigan is a May 2014 release by The Wild Rose Press.

Vario Fumesti moves in next door to Theresa Tierney and she instantly has a lust/hate relationship in her mind with him.

She wants him, yet can’t fathom why his place is full of nude girls…all in his bath. So she takes her revenge.

Then she realizes her mistake and apologies. But would a hot guy like Vario really want her?

VODKA WARRIOR is a short, fun and steamy read. I love author Mickey. J. Corrigan’s writing style. This book is no exception. She brings sassy stories with a heavy dose of reality to the page.

Recommended for all readers. 


Review by TashNz

Mickey J Corrigan's Vodka Warrior is true to her style, full of her typical sass and laugh out loud moments.

Theresa; correction, down on her luck Theresa is out gardening when she notices the new neighbour... HELLOOO!!!  But the new neighbour Vario isnt interested in her at all, he's wrapped up in himself and his crew of hot tub girls he's regularly inviting over.  But as always with Mickey's writing, all is not as it seems.

I was surprised about the age the author alluded to for Theresa at the end of the book; it was interesting to have that younger guy/older woman vibe and it certainly helped get things straight to the point.

There are times during Vodka Warrior you don't know whether to laugh or cry then next second you're gasping "did I just read that??".  I always have a sense that Mickey writes with hilarity, triple sass and with a smidge of reality all rolled up into one.

A short but highly entertaining read which, if you've read any of Mickey's previous stories, you will totally get :)

reviewed by: Janie Evans
Mickey J. Corrigan's "Vodka Warrior." 
4 out of 5 stars

Teresa is a woman who has serious body issues and finds solace in a bottle of alcohol.  Her new neighbor Vario is into health and trains at a gym.  Their first meeting was anything but awkward with her bringing cookies over and Vario calling it S**t.  Vario also likes to have hot tub parties with really hot, naked women.  This is another reason for Teresa to drink right?

You'll enjoy this quick read and the entertaining antics of the slightly older woman who is sexually aroused by her sexy, younger neighbor.