Matched to a Billionaire by Kat Cantrell

Reviewed by Desere

We all do crazy things most of the time, but marring someone for security is at the top of the list for most woman, who think love can be left in the back of the mind, whist security will never wait.

In this read we meet Daniella, she needs a large dose of security in her life and what better way then to secure just that by marring I only need you to play the perfect wife role Leo Reynolds.

Business is business and friendship is all there will come from this arrangement, easy enough, or is it? Nope, no way, you guessed it, it is anything but easy because the minute Daniella and Leo get down to business sparks fly and the arrangement is goes up in flames.

I loved this author's writing and I am a huge fan of her books. This read was no different from her other books, she once again blew me away with scorching hot passion, stunning deep emotions and a wonderful story of romance, acceptance and balance.

The character of Leo drove me a little nuts , he was very cold and distant, and I really wished I could grab him, give him a good shaking up and get him to open up. But of course as we all know those are the hero's that have to get a little wake up call in life in order to shine as the true men they really are. The author did a fantastic job with this, taking Leo from cold, distant , arrogant idiot to kind, caring and loving husband. I adored how she let's him find the balance between the love of work and the love for a woman, it was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.

The character of Daniella was fabulous! I loved this character's spunk and sass so much! I was rooting for her from page one. Her doing the " I need to be THIS kind of wife" attitude made me remember that when we go after just part of what we want we are bound to end up with only half of what we deserve.

The entire read was a mixture of the author's signature crazy humor, passionate romance, fire-y spunk and sexiness. I am taking away a message of sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we know we need, but because we think we cannot have it we instead go after what we think is more important. Everyone in life deserves everything good and we should never go after just half of the happiness.

5/5 Star Review
" Ready,set the billionaire meets his match!"