A Date With Her Valentine Doc by Melanie Milburne

A Date with Her Valentine Doc (Mills & Boon Medical) (A Valentine to Remember - Book 1)
A Date with Her Valentine Doc
by Melanie Milburne
Reveiwed by TashNz
5 stars

What a fun, fresh and flirty story!  I loved it!  Thoroughly capturing and very enjoyable.  It felt like I was looking at beautiful and colorful pictures of spring while in the midst of a winters storm.

Poor Dr Bertie Clark comes back from her honeymoon, her postcard to all pinned up on the notice board - Bertie feels like it may as well have had a flashing neon arrow light pointing at it screaming LIAR.  No one knows her wedding was called off by her cheating fiancee.  No one knows she was on her honeymoon alone and no one knows how Bertie feels keeping up appearances because she's too embarrassed to tell anyone the truth.

While she's been away her new boss Dr Matt Bishop has started and from the moment they meet the sparks fly.  The interaction between Bertie and Matt is classic!  Not classical, but classic in terms of humour.  Bertie isn't afraid to speak her mind and when she feels safe under the pretense of being married it gives her the courage to give him the 20 questions about his personal life just as she seems to be getting from him.

Written in such a unique way in terms Melanie Milburne's usual style, I actually checked the cover more than once to make sure I was reading a book written by Melanie (I mean that in a good way). I think her humour and fun and flirty style has peeked through in previous Medicals but in this one it shines through and pours in like the sun breaking through and busting out of nasty rain clouds.

Written completely in the first person the entire story is told in Berties point of view, which made for delightful reading. Bertie really is as she's described in the book - a Poppy among a field of Oats. Her back story is weaved thru the story like a ribbon thru hair.  She's had such a hippy background and although her and her sister have slightly rebeled against it, it's helped her apply her heart to her job and show Matt how her research can help the ICU patients. The setting, the ICU department, made for a nice change, I really liked the few patients that were focused on throughout the story, I really wanted them to pull through.

Matt is devine too, the perfect hero for such a likeable heroine.

I liken A Date with Her Valentine Doc to a chic lit mixed with medical romance mixed with good ole fashion humour.  Boy did I giggle!  Matt grew on me very quickly and I loved how all was revealed with him (you'll know what I mean when you read the story) because it was just about at that point I was like hold-up, what is he doing???  I think it's a true talent to still get the right about of romance into such a quirky and fun read.  I couldn't believe it when I reached the last page, the story flew by and in those quick hours Bertie certainly left an impression, I've walked away feeling really happy.

If your winter needs some brightening up, or you want some more sun in your shine - don't go past A Date with Her Valentine Doc!


Reviewed by Alexia
5 stars

"A Date with Her Valentine Doc (A Valentine To Remember)" by Melanie Milburn was offered to me for an honest review. I love Melanie's books and this one didn't disappoint. It is a Medical Romance and if you've never read medical romance books you don't know what you're missing. 

Meet Dr. Matt Bishop he is the sexy boss of Bertie Clark at St. Ignatius. Bertie is coming back from vacation where she was to be married. She is coming back as a jilted bride because her husband to be was caught in bed with the bridesmaid sister. Everyone thinks she is a married lady and she is trying to keep up the pretense. Bertie and Matt are thrown together as they are working on the St. Valentines Day Ball which this year is to raise money for the ICU unit. 

The book continues on the journey of trying to keep Bertie's feelings for Matt purely platonic, and also keeping her co-workers in the dark that she never married. Bertie grew up with hippie parents and was laughed at all her life. Now as an adult she doesn't want to suffer through the laughter of her peers but even the best laid secrets tend to come out.


Reviewed by Desere 

Bertie Clark, has been left at the altar, and like all brides she is more than a little uncomfortable to tell her colleges that the " honeymoon" she just got back from was her alone with just her thoughts and those retched postcards.

So she kind of just smiles and works her way around it all , when she gets back to work. But then Dr Matt Bishop arrives in her life, and the man is over the top tempting, but he's her boss and therefore 100% off limits.

She has to under all circumstances keep her Dr Bishop induced x-rated fantasies under wraps, and firmly secured in her mind. Then they team up to arrange the hospital's Valentine's Day ball and Bertie realizes she can't ignore the sparks of romance flying around, surely every woman deserves a little bit of romantic fun, right? But how to explain that she's not cheating on her 'husband' now that is a whole other drama!

And as you can imagine leads to quite the number of hilarious and rather treacherous situations, which were highly entertaining and had me in stitches on numerous occasions throughout the read. I loved the firey, sensual romance blossoming between Bertie and Matt, even with the whole " tell everyone the truth " thoughts fluttering at the back of my mind the whole time.

The character of Bertie was heartbreaking in a way, because I was truly sad for her being just left to pick up the pieces of her life, but on the other hand I was over the moon with excitement because I knew this came down to life directing her to who she should be with, and I got more and more butterflies with each step as the romance with Matt came closer.

The character of Matt was as dreamy as they come! A real sweetheart , yet also of course a little reserved , no one simply just falls for someone without having some little form of reservation, and nor can I think of a hero created by this author that has never been dreamy, so of course Dr Yummy hit all the right notes.

From this read there were many messages that came to mind as I read along, but the one that stood out for me was honesty. Honestly really is the best policy, lies and deceit only brings heartache, sleepless nights and an array of endless problems. And if you are not the one at fault in the first place there really is no need to try and hide it. Yes it hurts like crazy and of course you are embarrassed but at the end of the day what will hiding the truth really help?

It could be fine for a number of years, depending on the secret, but when it comes to light , that's where everyone will lose their respect for you, because the longer you hide it the worse it gets, and the truth will show you in a whole new light and you might be surprised at most people's reactions, as they take it all in stride and not see it as half as bad as you thought it would. Be honest at all times, no matter how much it hurts or how embarrassing it may seem, in the end being honest is what will save you.

And the ending to this wonderful read, my oh my could not have been more romantic or perfect, a real Valentine's Day treat!

I recommend this read for all fans that love dramatic medical romance reads, it was a wonderful look at how lies and deceit can shatter lives of others and your own if not faced from the start.

4 star review
" Roses are red, love is true,Valentine's Day will reveal the real you" 


Reviewed by Nas
A DATE WITH HER VALENTINE DOC by author Melanie Milburne is a February 2015 release by Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance series.

Dr Matt Bishop is the new boss on Bertie Clark’s ward. But Bertie couldn’t stop lusting after him. To others she may be married as she hadn’t told anyone yet that her marriage hadn’t taken place. Catching her groom-to-be cheating on her, she’d decided to go on her honeymoon alone. And so far she hadn’t had the courage to let her friends and co-workers know the truth.

What will happen if someone finds out that she was seeing Matt? And why was he so keen to take things further with her? Didn’t he realize that she was married? But then she finds out that he has known all along that she’d been lying to everyone about her marital status.

A DATE WITH HER VALENTINE DOC is a sensual and romantic story amid all the medical drama. Author Melanie Milburne brought out angst and scorching chemistry between Bertie and Matt which would keep a reader glued to the pages till the book ends.

Highly recommended for all readers.