The Shock Cassano Baby by Andie Brock

The Shock Cassano Baby

Andie Brock

The Shock Cassano Baby by Andie Brock

Reviewed by Helen

I loved this story from start to finish the setting was fabulous both the hero Orlando and the heroine Isobel have a lot from their pasts that they need to come to terms with so they can move forward in a loving relationship but when they meet again six weeks after doing business on The Island of Jacamar in The Caribbean there are consequences that need to be discussed and here starts a rocky road to a HEA.

Orlando Cassano loves his single life he is a wealthy business man and very controlling and strong and with his past he is determined to stay that way but when he meets the lovely Isobel Spicer for a business deal with her shoe company he is drawn to her and Isobel is so strong she is making him talk about his past which is opening up a lot of emotions for him.

Isobel Spicer has been running the family business for years she is strong and sassy and things are getting busy and needing some funding has bought her to Orlando and with the meeting on the Island and the spark between them Isobel is falling for Orlando and opening up and when he insists that they marry so as their child will have a father unlike Orlando this starts more twists with their relationship.

This really is a fabulous story it is emotional moving and very sensual as the pull between them grows with the decision to take on a title and repair a castle to its former glory and as the wedding day gets closer Orlando and Isobel show what love can do. I loved seeing these two strong and feisty people come together and open up, yes this one had me smiling and I highly recommend it, MS Brock never lets me down on a good story.

5/5 stars for a great story

Expected publication: May 1st 2016 by Harlequin Presents


Reviewed by Nas

THE SHOCK CASSANO BABY by author Andie Brock is a May 2016 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Orlando Cassano is shocked when he finds his passion-filled fling with business associate Isobel Spicer has had consequences. And she is expecting his baby. He wouldn't let a child of his grow up without a stable family like he had, but would Isobel agree to his proposal?

Isobel also doesn't want her child to grow up without a dad, but could she agree to Orlando's demand? Because it was a demand and she didn't take kindle to bossy, demanding people!

Read THE SHOCK CASSANO BABY to find out where Isobel and Orlando's scorching hot chemistry and passion lead them. Author Andie Brock's story-telling would hook in a reader and keep them hooked till the last page.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Review by Amanda

The Shock Cassano Baby by Andie Brock is well-written, sensational and emotive. The characters were flawed and their back stories were intricately interwoven in engaging dialogue and vivid prose so as to enlighten the reader about their most basic traits…their fears, their needs etc. Ms. Brock’s writing didn’t go unnoticed either. She kept the pacing steady as she guided her characters through the ups and downs in their relationship. The story itself was realistic. One intimate night on the Caribbean island of Jacamar leaves Isobel Spicer carrying the consequences. When she spills her little secret to Orlando Cassano, things get pretty heated. But all that glitters in Orlando’s life isn’t gold. He has secrets of his own. Will he be able to move on with his life? Knowing how much hold his past has on him? Overall, a good story with a satisfactory ending!

4 Stars