Married for the Boss's Baby by Susan Carlisle

Married For The Boss's Baby by Susan Carlisle
Reviewed by Helen

This is such a beautiful story to read so caring loving and to see how love can grow from a spark and the need to help one another and the joy that a child will bring this is a story that will pull you in from the first page and will have you smiling.

Sara Marcum is an only child who grew up with her father, her mother left her when she was young and has left her with a couple of fears but Sara is a nurse and just such a caring beautiful person she has done so much to help friends and is very close to her father. So when a friend asks her to help out a Doctor and become a nanny for a short time Sara reluctantly says yes being with a baby brings back so many memories for her she pulls out the strength needed and arrives at this huge house and although there is a strong spark their first meeting does not go well.

Dr Grant Smyth has been cheated by his father and ex-girlfriend but when they are killed in a car accident he steps up to take on the care of his little half sister Lily and he needs help this is where nanny Sara Marcum steps in but Grant is a busy transplant surgeon and there are lots of sparks at their first meeting but Sara shows strength and stands up to him this might be a temporary job for Sara but when Grant needs a wife to get custody of Lily things are going to change drastically for both of them.

So Grant offers to help Sara and her father out in exchange for a marriage on paper both are really caring loving people and this starts a journey to such a wonderful HEA I loved this story the joy that they bring to each other and Lily and to see so many people smiling of course no journey is without a few problems and I loved the strength and courage that is shown and the true deep love that comes from making sure that a baby has a home and is loved. I highly recommend this one it is a beautiful emotional journey, MS Carlisle never disappoints.

5/5 stars for a beautiful story

Published May 1st 2016 by Mills & Boon Medical

Reviewed by Nas

MARRIED FOR THE BOSS’S BABY by author Susan Carlisle is a May 2016 release by Harlequin Medical Romance series.

Sara Marcum agrees to marry Doctor Grant Smythe so that he can gain custody of his half-sister. But would Grant be able to persuade Sara to become his wife for real when he came to know her well?
And would Sara agree?

I read MARRIED FOR THE BOSS’S BABY in one sitting and loved the emotions, drama and the tension in this story. Author Susan Carlisle once again brought this amazing tale on the pages which would hook her readers in and keep them hooked till the last pages.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.

Review by Amanda

Married for the Boss’s Baby by Susan Carlisle is a well-written, super fun, super sexy story where instant attraction between the hero and heroine creates the setup for a sizzling romance. You will find this story quite exciting from page one. It is guaranteed to evoke a sigh once or twice as the characters intermingle and get closer!

Dr Grant Smyth’s world has just become more tension filled than ever. With the death of his father and ex-girlfriend, Grant is now tasked with caring for the infant child they left behind: his infant half-sister. Grant’s life is already hectic at the hospital where he is a transplant surgeon. How can he singlehandedly care for a baby and carry out his duties as a surgeon at the same time? Impossible! The only thing left for him to do is hire a nanny…someone to care for little Lily. In walks Sara Marcum into his life like a breath of fresh air, a ray of sunshine. Sara is fantastic with Lily but beneath her charming outer persona is a woman broken up inside. Bonding with Lily brings back memories of her past. However, having Grant around and taking care of Lily makes her life easier. And so a romance is born where two people help each other heal and find happiness even when the horizon appears bleak and distant.

Highly Recommended
5 Stars

Review by TashNZ - 5  Stars

Grant is a surgeon who's last relationship turned to custard when his girlfriend left him for his father and they had a baby together. Unfortunately they died in a nasty accident and Grant is left Lily. Desperate for a nanny - a transplant patient waiting for him on the table - when Sara walks in she's a gift from god - but of course nothing is as it seems and so begins a beautiful, often hilarious, wonderfully written tale of two people who grow to love little baby Lily and as well as each other.

Faced with a custody battle Grant proposes to Sara and the two embark on a temporary married life journey. As each day passes Sara finds it harder to accept one day she will walk away. Lily is a wonderful addition to this story, she's a central character but written in such a way she's a delight to read about and she's the reason Grant and Sara are essentially "together".

I love Sara, she's like a ray of sunshine, she's funny without trying to be and she's just delightful. Grant is engaging and quite the read! With Lily thrown in and the perfect penmanship of Susan Carlisle, I adored this story.

Review by Hina - 5 Stars

Sara and Grant have a baby to take care of and they are both not ready. Nothing new about it. People have babies all the time and learn to take care of them.

The catch here is, the baby is Grant's baby sister (albeit a half sister) and Sara is but a nanny.

Brought together by circumstances, these two learn to love the baby as their own and strive to love themselves enough to be able to open their hearts for each other.

Not love at first sight, their feelings develop as they understand each other in a very domesticated setting. The banter, however, is to die for as it brings the characters to life.

This is a beautifully penned story that I read in one go. There was no way I was going to put it down.

Review by Cheryl - 5 Stars

I have an obsession with medical romance stories and find the Susan Carlisle fills that need.
Grant Smythe’s father didn’t pay attention to him except to steal his girlfriend and then get married to her and have a baby together. Grant has a baby sister and since his father and step mother died he is now responsible for Baby Lily. Grant is also a successful surgeon and has his own apartment but moves into his father’s house to ensure that he has everything Lily needs. 
Grant has been advised by his lawyer that he would stand a better chance at getting Lily if he was married since a judge prefers a married couple. Otherwise he can give her a wonderful lifestyle but since Evelyn’s (his step mother) aunt and uncle wants to take her and Grant certainly does not want that. His sister should stay with him. 
Sara Marcum the new nanny is there and Grant can get back to work. After an adjustment and Sara’s help Grant starts to be more and more comfortable taking care of Lily. Not only is Grant in the medical field but Sara is also. 
What will happen when Grant proposes a marriage in name only and for business of retaining his sister only? Will Sara go along with this and what will her father think of her? Will Sara say yes which not only offers her an end to some financial issues that are going on, a place for her father and perhaps an end to Sara’s regret for something in her past? You will not be disappointed in the answers and in this wonderful story. 
This was one book that I had to read almost from start to finish in one sitting as it peaked my interest from the start. 

Review by Alexia - 5 Stars

"Married For The Boss's Baby" by Susan Carlisle is a great medical romance that had me gripped from the very beginning. Dr. Grant Smythe is now legal guardian to his little sister after his father and stepmother die in an accident. There's a couple of problems with this; first, he is a busy Dr. because he's head of the transplant team, and second, the stepmother used to be his girlfriend. Grant is looking for a Nanny and Sara Marcum is there to fill the job. There are some problems that pop up, since life can not be at all simple for Grant, in that his stepmother's family want to raise his sister. So, Grant does the only thing he can....he proposes marriage to the nanny.