The Doctor's Forbidden Fling by Karin Baine

The Doctor's Forbidden Fling by Karin Baine
Reviewed by Helen

I love a book that pulls at my heart strings and makes me feel lots of emotions and this is a book that does just that beautifully written this story had me turning the pages as Nate and Violet take a journey that is filled with worry doubts and yes a pull that had been around for many years.

Lady Violet Dempsey arrives back to her aristocratic home in Northern Ireland when her father has a heart attack Violet ran away seventeen years ago after she lost her mother in tragic circumstances and she left on bad terms with her father and left the one person that she could depend on the one person that she should be able to love the hired helps son Nathaniel Taylor. There is a lot of water under the bridge since then Violet lives in London and works as mental health nurse and still carries a lot of hurt from her past will this change with being home.

Nathaniel Taylor has done well for himself he is now a top cardiologist working at the hospital in County Down not the boy next door anymore still single because he has no plans to settle down and marry the one person he thought that he could marry left him years ago he felt spurned and it has left him hurt so when that person Violet arrives at the hospital where he is treating her father the sparks are still there can they make amends for past hurts?

Truly this is a book you will not want to put down the sensual pull between Nate and Violet burns up the pages and the pain from the past is so emotional both are determined never to marry, throw into the mix her abrupt father and his health and problems and this one becomes a roller coaster ride to such a wonderful HEA I cried I smiled and then the sigh as they join together with the help and love from Lord Dempsey. Thanks you MS Baine for another keeper you never disappoint this is one I highly recommend.

5/5 stars fro a fabulous story

Expected publication: June 1st 2016 by Mills & Boon Medical


Review by Amanda

You can never go wrong picking up a medical romance written by Karin Baine. Ms. Baine is a talented and insightful writer who takes a simple plot and spins a web of drama and romance—making the story her own in every engaging word, dialogue and scene! Always creating characters that jump off the pages makes her latest novel: The Doctor’s Forbidden Fling no different than her other well-loved stories. She has added depth, meaning and purpose to her main characters—Violet Dempsey and Nate Taylor. She tests their will and strength. Placing them in unlikely scenarios and having them overcome the obstacles blocking their path to happiness. You won't be disappointed you chose this book. It is all out entertaining. So grab a copy and prepare to be propelled on a journey where romance, trials and of course a deserving happy ever after keep you hooked from beginning to end! 

Happy reading.

4.5 Stars


A story that makes dinner late.  

Violet and Nate were childhood best friends who's teenage friendship grew into more.  Their parents would never have approved.  Her being the daughter of an Earl and him being the son of her father's cleaner!  Years and years later, already in shock about her fathers heart attack, Violet is even more shocked to find Nate her father's chief Cardiologist.  

It's clear from the get go Violet and Nate have unresolved issues but coming home for the first time in a long time Lady Violet also needs to resolve her issues with her father and what became of life after the death of her Mother.  Inspired into nursing after the death of her mother Violet has spent her adult life avoiding her life at home and now she's back there's no avoiding it. 

Unfortunately her Father has let his health, his home and his financial status crumble and it's up to Violet to try and figure out how to fix things as well as deal with her father who's awesome at acting like a two year old and also deal with the realisation her feelings for Nate are still as real today as they were long ago.

Two characters whose chemistry is as clear as the words on paper, The Doctor's Forbidden Fling had me curled up and reluctant to get up and go about my day.  I really liked the storyline, the interaction between Nate and Violet and their background story that helped shape them into adults.  Violet is a likeable heroine who had the desire and drive to go out and be somebody, not live off her family's money.  Nate is an engaging and determined young man who also had the desire and drive to go out and be somebody.  Both have never forgotten each other and how important they were to each other in their childhoods and all of this coupled with Karin Baine's detailed writing, wit and humour makes a fantastic read.


"The Doctor's Forbidden Fling" by Karen Baine is listed as a medical romance but it is classic romance all the way. I loved this story. Lady Violet Dempsey returns home because her father suffered a heart attack. She runs into Dr. Nathaniel Taylor (Nate) who was her friend that she left behind. Nate went from being the son of one of the servants in Violet's family to a top cardiologist. After spending some time together they find that love is deeper than they thought, and a new surprise is on the way.


A modern day Romance with the upper crust of British elite slumming.

No, I do not mean that if you do not have a title you are good for nothing. After all I come from a place where there is no monarchy.

Back to the story, Nate believes (quite rightly) that to Violet he means nothing but the guy she friendzoned years ago when he expressed his love. The man may have been about town but the pain is as fresh.

Violet, on the other hand, don't want entanglements in her life. She wants her freedom.

Both of them running away from commitment for different reasons.

What really got to me about the characters is how they understood each other. An ever present connection that could not be severed with years and distance. Social status be damned, they are on equal footing as their heart beats together.

Once I started reading, just could not put it down and had to finish it (and hoping it won't end). And in one night I read the last word.


Violet Dempsey has to come home as her father is in hospital with a heart attack. Violet and Nate Taylor have a past history but she has no idea she will run into him. When the room door opens and she sees him after all these years she feels he heard about her father however the last things she expects is to find out he is her fathers cardiologist. Nate is cynical and part of it is because he feels Violet left since he was the son of her family's servants. One of the reasons he accomplished what he did. Spending time together as he try's to help her fix the financial situation her father is in they start to rekindle old feelings. This brings them together and since she thought she was protected, forgetting she didn't take her pill one day, finds she is carrying his child. She refuses to go into a loveless marriage and Nate is not of believer of HEA. Read this lovely story Ms. Baine wrote to find out how these two people bridge the distance and misunderstanding to get the happy ever after Nate doesn't believe in. Her story will keep you engrossed from the first page and you will anxiously await the conclusion. A wonderful author you will follow as I will.


A sexy doctor reunites with his childhood best friend/crush and sparks ignite! A fun take on "the help falling for the royal" grabs our attention and takes us on a journey of redemption and everlasting love.

When Violet Dempsey is called home due to family illness, she makes the trek back to the royal life she left a dozen years ago. Upon arriving, she runs into the boy she left behind all those years ago.

Cardiologist Nate Taylor never knew why Violet left, but it turned him cynical about love and thoughts of happily ever after when she basically threw his feelings back in his face by walking away without a word. He's risen above his upbringing as the son of the servants, and has done well for himself.

Fighting their attraction doesn't work very well for the two of them, and when they discover they have a little surprise on the way, how will they decide to deal with it? Will she decide to run for the hills again or will he convince her she's worthy of the love he has always had for her?


Violet Dempsey left her home years ago. She left her friend Nate Taylor then too. 

Violet got a call that her dad had a heart attack. She came back and went to the hospital to see him. Nate was now a cardiologist at that hospital and was actually the attending doctor to her father. 

Violet and Nate did spend time together during the time that her father was in the hospital, then he came back home after rejecting more care and within 24 hours of being released he was back in the hospital with another heart attack and this time a different thoughts about getting more to the bottom of the heart condition and grieve of his wife having died. 

During his stay Violet and Nate spent time together and within weeks she found that she was carrying his child. They had been careful and she was on the pill but missed one the first night when she got into town. Now they would be a family of three if Violet would accept it. Her thought process of love and happy endings was pretty tainted and she had to change her thoughts, but Nate never revealed to her that he loved her. She could not enter a loveless marriage. 

Karin Baine always writes such and great story and one that keeps you reading and waiting on anxious pins and needles as to what will happen. Enjoy the book as I know I did.


Reviewed by Nas

THE DOCTOR’S FORBIDDEN FLING by author Karin Baine is a Harlequin, Mills & Boon Medical Romance series release for June 2016.

Nurse Violet Dempsey goes back when her dad has a heart attack and is hospitalized. And she comes face to face with her old friend and son of her family’s employee. The boy who was not a match back then according to her dad.

Yet, Nate Taylor is the cardiologist in charge of her dad’s case now. And Lady Violet needs him. Could Nate forget the way she walked away before? Could he help her now in her time of need? Yet their scorching chemistry ignites whenever they come together. Can it be ignored? And then they spend one night of passion. After that one night, what about the consequences now?

THE DOCTOR’S FORBIDDEN FLING is a sensational medical romance filled with sensual scenes amid heart-breaking emotions. Author Karin Baine, once again astounds her readers by this emotional story.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.