One Night... Twin Consequences by Annie O'Neil

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Reviewed by Helen

MS O'Neil writes stories that have the best banter between the hero and heroine and personal banter as well this is a story that will keep you entertained and smiling throughout there will be many emotions that you feel while reading this story I thoroughly enjoyed.

Dependable reliable research nurse Harriet Monticello always is there for everyone she is the strong twin sister the stable one she lives for her job at Saint Nicks she has done so much for the orphans and sick children that are there but when her boss decides that she needs to do a talk in front of the board and then go to Buenos Aries to study and work at the orphanage that the delectable Dr Matteo Torres runs this knocks her for six but also brings her so close to Matteo and one very sensual and reckless night that will change her world forever.

Dr Matteo Torres runs an orphanage in Buenos Aries and he throws himself into what he does he has suffered the loss of his younger sister and makes a promise never to marry and have children of his own but he works so hard for the kids and young mothers that are in need. His need for donations takes him to England and Saint Nicks and here he meets the beautiful Harriet there is such chemistry between them on their first meeting the sparks could light up a room and when one night together leaves consequences well will this make him see what love can bring to both of their lives.

This is one of those beautifully written stories that has everything a romance reader will want emotions, up front dialogue that will have you smiling and the deep love and caring of two people that have been through so much but have so much to offer each other and so many more people. MS O'Neil has done it again this one is for the keeper shelf and I highly recommend it sit back with a drink and enjoy. 

5/5 stars for a great story

Review by TashNz | 4 Stars

Sister Harriet Monticello is offered an amazing trip to Argentina to work alongside of Dr Matteo Tores at an orphanage and to help with funding.  Not one to jump outside of her comfort zone Harriet knows this is a lifetime opportunity - and one she'd embrace, if she hadn't just had a one night stand with the said Dr.

With no choice Harriet reluctantly leaves her comfort zone and pretty much her home, St Nicks, and heads to Argentina.  It's there she learns the fate of her one night stand.  Despite Matteo working closely with orphans and children, there's absolutely nothing in his manner that indicates he'd want to be a father.  Wanting to run, Matteo convinces Harriet to instead stay and continue their work.  Between the chaos of the kids and the close working quarters, Matteo faces his past with guts and bravery but Harriet still runs.

Matteo is a handsome and hardworking Doctor who's hurt in his past drives him.  Harriet is a beautiful soul who takes on her research work with 200% commitment and until she meets Matteo she's never really lived her life.  Complete opposites who both have the same love are bought together in circumstances outside the norm in a read that is packed with detail mixed with descriptive writing and captivating conversations that did a fantastic job of playing with my emotions.

What is evident within the absorbing read which gained my attention from the get go was the bond between Harriet and her sister Claudia who's story is Twin Surprise for the Single Doc, by Susanne Hampton.  I'm very much looking forward to it and will be adding it on my tbr list.

I really enjoyed One Night... Twin Consequences and I think Annie O'Neill is building an incredible library of enjoyable books which will stay on my to be read again shelf.


"One Night....Twin Consequences" by Annie O'Neil gives us the story of Harriet Monticello she works at a hospital that caters to children in London, and is always trying to find funding for orphan children. We also meet Dr. Mateo Torres who works in Buenos Aires, his home, and is also trying to get funding for orphans. When Mateo meets Harriet sparks will fly, and life between them gets a little complicated.


Time outside your comfort zone definitely makes you stronger and brings out the best in you while it helps in your personality's development. That is exactly what happens with Harriet who believes she is too shy for anything but work and taking care of family. A very realistic description in my opinion as I have seen many a people sacrificing their true self for the sake of the ones they love.

As it is said, our past molds to who we are in the present. Likewise Matteo has seen too many children in need of assistance to bring into the world any of his own. The resources are scarce as it is.

That all changes when these two meet and the love blooms between them and they must prepare not just for one addition in the family, but two.

Saying that, I wish I have twins one day too. :')


The characters come alive and grab your attention from page on in One Night, Twin Consequences by Annie O’Neil. The author layers emotion, vivid description, and engaging dialogue to take readers on an emotionally moving journey. Ms. O’Neil’s flawed characters and the stories they have to tell rivet you. Harriet Monticello is tasked with travelling to Buenos Aires on behalf of the children’s hospital she currently works for. While there she comes in contact with Dr Matteo Torres who works at the same hospital. Dr Torres is researching ways to improve the overall working conditions of the hospital. Working together brings Harriet and Matteo closer. They act upon their attraction and the consequence of their passionate night together lead readers on a dramatic journey. Will Harriet and Matteo work out their issues? Since Matteo isn’t too keen on settling down. Read on to find out! 


Harriet Monticello had a twin sister named Claudia. Claudia Monticello was pregnant with twin sons. After she delivered her twin son and it was save to travel with them she was coming to live with Harriet. 
Harriet worked at a hospital that catered to children and was asked to go to Buenos Aires to work with the orphans there and with Dr. Matteo Torres. He was currently at the same hospital that Harriet worked and he was looking for new ways and new support for the fact that his hospital they needed funds and more ideas. 

Dr. Bailey had arranged all this and had arranged for Harriet to give a lecture that night and she was not having it. Dr. Bailey knew that Harriet avoided public speaking like the plaque and she also had somehow managed to avoid Dr. Torres also during this so far stay at St. Nick’s. 

She gave her speech and she also started working with Dr. Torres soon it was obvious that sparks flew between the two. When time for Dr. Torres to go back to Argentina they had one night together. 
Annie O’Neil wrote the book so you could feel like you were right there in the places with the characters. 
Harriet discovered while in Argentina that she was pregnant and also with twins. Dr. Torres had his secrets and did not share them with anyone and would never marry or have children. I won’t spoil it all but you will enjoy reading this wonderful story that Annie O’Neil has given us. I am sure you will love it as much as I did.

 Happy Reading! 


Nurse Harriet has the opportunity to work trying to get funding for the orphans with Dr. Matteo Torres in Buenos Aires which is his home country. Both of these have secrets of their own why they are so interested in helping but not interested in a family of their own. Harriet is easy to understand and she pulls you into her personality. Matteo is deep and even though he is attracted to Harriet he has no intention of letting it go beyond an affair. Sounds like a plan till one night their easy affair gets super complicated as Harriet finds out she is pregnant. Simple solution get married? Not simple Dr. Matteo Torres has no intention of having a family. You will fall into this story and as hard as he seems you will fall in love with him and learn to understand. Ms. O'neill has a way of getting you wrapped up in her stories and you will love how she carries you to the end with a smile. Love her stories and always just enough medicine. An author to follow.


With a fun sass to her writing style, Annie O’Neil immerses us into the lives of her characters and takes us on a whirlwind trip to finding love!

Dr. Matteo Torres has dedicated his life to helping orphans and young mother’s in his home country. When he visits a hospital in London in hopes of receiving funding to expand his facility, he meets nurse Harriet Monticello.

Harriet is a shy, work-oriented person, and enjoys making her facility run smoothly. When her boss and Matteo put the idea out there that she should visit Buenos Aires to decide if they should fund the new project, she is torn. She loves her job and doesn’t want to be away for a second, but Matteo is HOT and she would follow him anywhere!

Can Harriet manage to get past the walls Matteo has erected around his heart, or will she only be banging her head into them in trying to reach him?

Reviewed by Nas Dean

ONE NIGHT, TWIN CONSEQUENCES by author Annie O’Neil is May 2016 release by Harlequin Medical Romance series.

Dr. Matteo Torres is in UK to source funding for his orphanage in Buenos Aires. So the hospital in UK sent Nurse Harriet Monticello to the orphanage to implement some changes. Working together with Matteo, passion flared and they spent the last night in UK together.

Now working in Buenos Aires they try to keep their personal and professional lives separate. But would they manage it? Especially when Harriet discovers her explosive secret!

ONE NIGHT, TWIN CONSEQUENCES is a story about twins sister being only family each has. It’s also a story of one night leading to consequences. It is an emotional story full of drama and tension. Author Annie O’Neil once again bought this medical drama which would keep a reader hooked till the last page.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.