Review by Amanda

Wedded, Bedded, Betrayed by Michelle Smart is unique, fast-paced and different. The author adds high stakes drama as the foundation of her flawed characters in this interesting story. Ms. Smart gives her cast obstacles to overcome at every twist and turn. And resolving these issues placed before them stokes the reader’s interest as the story takes flight and with it is born a steamy and outrageous romance. As the title suggests, there is heartbreak, angst, betrayal, deceit, revenge and of course romance abounding from a well-crafted plot with an unexpected twist. 

Gabriele Mantegna is on a mission, on a private island for two reasons. One, he must recover confidential files that would remove the stain cast upon him by a crime he had nothing to do with and two, he is searching for evidence to ascertain the person behind his dilemma. But his mission is marred by another crime in the works on the island. As events spiral out of control, Gabriele is now caught up in a whirlwind. The events which follow the second crime taking place on the island will change his life forever. Meanwhile the heroine, Elena Ricci is having a long overdue vacation at the family villa but she flips out when she encounters people stealing her family’s priceless belongings. When she is rescued by Gabriele the plot thickens and what happens afterwards is worth every word! So if you want to know more, grab a copy of this madly engrossing book. You won’t be disappointed.

4 Stars