NATIVE BORN by Jenna Kernan

Review by Amanda

The conclusion of Jenna Kernan’s Apache Protectors ends on a good note. The author ties up all the unanswered questions and loose ends nicely in this story, meanwhile giving Clyne Cosen a happy and worthwhile happy ever after. Ms. Kernan writes with such passion and depth that is hard not to notice it in her vivid, descriptive storytelling. Drama, angst, a web of deceit and tension filled scenes take the reader on an engaging journey, where every moment counts. FBI field agent Cassidy Walker and Clyne Cosen are at odds with each other. Cassidy’s duty is to protect Clyne but Clyne is hell-bent on refusing to let her babysit him. When villains aren’t at their backs they fight off the sizzling chemistry simmering between them even as their battle for custody over Clyne’s kid sister thickens the plot. It is wonderful to see the author resolve the problems with such clarity. Thrilling and suspenseful, Native Born will leave you wanting more from this talented author!

4 Stars