Say You'll Be Mine

 Say You'll Be Mine

The Bridal Shop #3

R J Groves

Reviewed by Helen

Although this is part of a series it can be read alone as I did and thoroughly enjoyed it, I love a good romance that involves a best friend’s sister and meeting Jannette Tanner and Shannon Hopkins was a beautiful journey to a HEA that left me smiling.

Jannette has been happily running her bridal shop in the city for some years now after moving from the family dairy farm, but she feels that she wants more it is time to move on, she wants a family but suddenly her brother Robbie has an accident and she is needed back on the farm to help and here she meets up with Shannon her brother’s best friend the guy she had a big crush on all those years ago and somehow her heart still beats that bit faster even now.

Shannon did a lot of his growing up on the Tanner farm and has been living and helping run it for many years now with Robbie but when Jannette arrives back to help out he realises that the forbidden crush he had years ago has never gone away and when an option to buy the farm comes up he will need some help from Jannette to make it happen, so a deal is made, a marriage of convenience to help them both but protecting his heart is harder than he thinks it will be.

Their journey to a well -deserved HEA is filled with ups and downs, as Shannon does his best to adhere to Jannette’s rules but it only takes one night together to realise that they have both lost their hearts but it takes a bit of danger and a bit of a push from Jannette’s friends to get her to open up, so there are all smiles for this couple, I loved Shannon, true hero material and Jannette is caring and loving. I do highly recommend this story to anyone who loves a good romance.

My thanks to Netgelley and the Publisher for my copy to read and review

4 stars
Published September 1st 2021 by Escape Publishing