Speakeasy Taproom #8

Wendy S Marcus

Reviewed by Helen

This is a great story I loved getting to know RD and Lily, two people who really need love and happiness, they say opposites attract and in this case they do although it takes them a few ups and downs till they both accept it and find the joy and love.

Randell Dickson (RD) is a marine but a bad accident has left him not feeling like he is normally, pain is hard to cope with and some bad decisions brings him to Vermont and a good friend Griff who insists he come for a visit and work some hours in his Speakeasy Taproom, here he meets bartender Lily, beautiful, filled with happiness and smiles and RD’s life is about to change in many ways.

Lily Reynolds is the most popular bartender here, she is also a very good artist, she works hard and is always positive but when she meets her new workmate she finds him surly and unhappy but he is one hell of a guy to look at. But Lily does not let that worry her, but when things go bad with her roommate and boyfriend, Lily is now looking for someone to share her house, she talks RD into moving in but she sets some rules that need to be adhered to although it is not long before Lily would like very much to change one of them.

Their journey to a HEA is a beautifully told story that has them both opening up eventually about their pasts and the hot sensual pull between them both is hard to ignore but willpower wins through for a while before they both find the sizzle that has them flying. This story is witty and heart-warming with some fabulous characters, I loved Tulip, Lily’s French Bulldog she has a special personality. RD is protective, caring and loving and Lily is beautiful on the inside and outside, they are made for each other. This is a story that I would highly recommend.

My thanks to the author for my copy to read and review

5 stars
Published September 2nd 2021 by Heart Eyes Press