Mending the ER Doc's Heart

 Mending the ER Doc's Heart

Susan Carlisle

Reviewed by Helen

This is a beautiful story, one that I zoomed through with a smile, can pediatric ER doctor Chad McCain put his past pain behind him and find love and happiness again for him and his young son Henry? Pediatric nurse Izzy Lane has moved to Atlanta to start fresh after being hurt by her ex, she has been let down badly but wants to find happiness in her future, will she now?

A chance meeting in a grocery store starts a new journey for Chad and Izzy, Chad is determined to put all of his love into his son and stay single after losing his wife in a car accident but when he meets his new nurse, the woman who helped him in the grocery store and they work so well together, he is wondering whether or not there may be a future for them.

Izzy is new to town and looking for a place to stay and when Chad offers her is backyard apartment she takes it and soon they are becoming fast friends and Izzy is thinking that her life should involve a husband and family but Chad has other ideas but when one night of sensual pleasure leads to a fling her heart is beating faster but can she break down the wall Chad has built around his heart?

I loved this story so much filled with emotion, Izzy is the most caring and beautiful heroine inside and outside she is there for everyone and Chad what a hero so caring with his young patients but he was hurt so badly he is not sure that he can be good husband material but Izzy pulls at his heart so much. This story is sensual and moving and one that I highly recommend, you will not be disappointed.

My thanks to the author for my copy to read and review.

5 stars
Expected publication: August 23rd 2022 by Harlequin Medical Romance