Hometown Cowboy

 Hometown Cowboy

With Love From, Kurrajong Crossing #4

Dakota Harrison

Reviewed by Helen

I am really loving Kurrajong Crossing and the people who live there, this time we get to see Ryan Thomas the love em and leave guy and Darby Jameson finally give into their feelings for each other throw in some ups and downs, will they get their HEA?

After Darby’s twin brothers wedding Darby spends the night with Ryan, Darby has always had a crush on Ryan but he is a great friend not only to her but the whole Jameson family and Darby wants more than a one night stand, but one night was never going to be enough the pull between them is so strong so it carries on and results in consequences and going into the future together is not going to happen as things stand now.

Ryan is best mates with Gabe, Darby’s twin and he has always known that Darby is off limits but after the wedding there is no controlling their feelings and one night in bed is not enough, but Ryan has been through so much and wedding bells are never going to be for him, that is until Darby tells him she is pregnant but she is not going to say yes just because of the baby, where is his life going at the moment?

The pressure is on when the town finds out about them together and an accident changes everything again, will Ryan and Darby finally find the love they both so deserve, this is a great story I loved the pull and push between Ryan and Darby as they searched their feelings and opened up. This story is sensual and moving and I would highly recommend this story to any romance reader, I left me smiling and I am sure it will you. I look forward to the next book in the series.

5 stars
    July 25, 2022 by Tule Publishing