Beneath the Sapphire Sky

 Beneath the Sapphire Sky

With Love from Kurrajong Crossing #5

Dakota Harrison

Reviewed by Helen

Another visit to Kurrajong Crossing leaves this reader very happy, and we get to meet Belle and Dante, best friends since school, neighbours who live on vineyards in really one of the most beautiful places. Do they dare think about making their friendship more?

Belle Davis has worked hard on the family vineyard she has done her training as a sommelier and she works hard in the restaurant on the vineyard but there is also her mother who Belle cares for and life is busy but she always makes time to see Dante her best friend, but lately Belle wants more for herself and that means she wants Dante but will he want her as much as she wants him?

Dante Casellati comes from a big Italian family and he works hard with his father making wine, the Davis family and his has always been close especially him and Belle but ruining their friendship is something he doesn’t want but wanting Belle as a girlfriend is hard to ignore, especially when she asks him something very special,

This is a great story filled with so many emotions, but will taking their relationship one step further bring happiness or not, when a disaster happens on the Davis Vineyard Dante is there to help and then when another calamity happens this one causes emotions and tension to run high, this is a story that I would highly recommend, very well written and it sizzles with passion.

4 stars

September 27, 2022 by Tule Publishing