Nine Months After That Night

 Nine Months After That Night

Melanie Milburne

Reviewed by Helen

This is book two in the Weddings Worth Billions series and I was looking forward to it and not disappointed, Melanie Milburne knows how to write a sensual story that has all of the emotions that a fabulous romance should have and I loved Harper and Jack, come along for a beautiful story that is sure to leave you sighing.

Harper Swan takes herself off to hospital she is in so much pain and has no idea why until a nurse tells her she is just about to become a mother, when asked if she wants anyone there she chooses billionaire hotelier Jack Livingstone the man she spent a glorious night with nine months ago, Harper has no idea how he will react, she does know that she has never forgotten Jack.

When Jack receives a phone call from the one woman he has not forgotten the elusive Harper and she asks him to come to the hospital he is totally stunned when he learns that he is about to become a father, this was not something Jack had planned but when he holds his beautiful daughter he knows his life will change and that he must get Harper to marry him, they make a good team but he cannot love her that is not in his plans.

This book is so very good, the dialogue is witty especially at the start and then we see Harper and Jack find that spark from their one night together and it is hot and steamy and their daughter brings them closer but Harper will never marry someone who does not love her, she has craved love all of her life and she stands firm, for Jack Love can hurt too much he has seen that, will he finally see what love can hold with his family?

I do highly recommend this story, I loved it, and there were lots of happy smiles from this reader. And am looking forward to book three.

My thanks to the author for my digital copy to read and review.

5 stars
Expected publication: October 25th 2022 by Harlequin Presents