Pentecost Island #7

Annie Seaton

Reviewed by Helen

Another visit to the beautiful Pentecost Island and we are seeing the resort getting bigger and better and it is time for Pippa and Rafe’s wedding with all of their friends and workers there for the special day, this brings Odessa to the island daughter to Rafe’s long- time friends and publishers, but Odessa is struggling after a terrible tragedy, will the island bring her happiness?

Odessa is here for the wedding and to rest and recuperate at her parent’s wishes the accident that took her best friends life as well as another friend on the motorway just outside of London has left her struggling and it shows in her interaction with the staff on the island, especially the new landscaper gardener.

Dylan has taken up the role of landscape gardener on the island after doing a stint overseas, he has been through a divorce and looking for love is not on the cards and then he meets the guest from England Odessa and their first meeting is quite abrupt this lady in extremely rude, but when on the night of the wedding Odessa is missing Dylan is part of the search party and when he finds her he gets to know her and the reason why she is like she is, could there be a connection?

Odessa was a hard person to like for me, even though I know what she had been through but I did love Dylan, he is kind and caring and I am hoping that he will help Odessa find the happiness that everyone deserves and the ending leaves me eager to read the next book in the series. I am really enjoying this series and the wonderful characters that I have made friends with and Pippa and Rafe’s wedding was fabulous.

3 stars

Published October 30th 2020 by Amazon Digital Services