Reclaiming His Runaway Cinderella

 Reclaiming His Runaway Cinderella

Annie West

Reviewed by Helen

Firstly let me congratulate Anne West on her 50th book, woohoo and I have read every one of them and loved them all, for me a Cinderella troupe is my favourite and Anne West has made my day with this one, it is a gorgeous story filled with emotion and passion as Annie West truly knows how to do, come a long and meet Cesare Brunetti and Ida.

Four years have passed since Ida was used as a pawn for her cruel grandfather and was pushed into marrying Cesare, Ida wanted this at the time, she had a real crush on Cesare but their wedding night changed her thoughts and she ran. Back in England she changes her name and works hard as a cleaner, then while helping a friend out working in a bar the man she ran from walks in, her heart leaps for many reasons.

Cesare has finally found his runaway bride and he wants nothing more than to get divorced, it has taken him years to reclaim his family business and get his life back on track now to end this but when he finds Ida he feels he may need to help her, but he worries why he wants to help after the way his father was he is very wary of his feelings for woman. But he cannot deny the pull that is there and when he realizes the danger she is in he takes her back to Italy with him where they agree to finally have their wedding night.

That one passionate night well never be enough for either of them, one night leads to more as the danger to Ida ramps up and they open up and talk and both are falling in love in the most beautiful of ways, I loved this story so much, Cesare is the best hero no matter how hard he tries to protect his heart Ida will get in and Ida after everything she has been through she still finds it in her heart to give love.

This is one that I would highly recommend, Annie West has ticked all of the boxes for a truly beautiful romance, it really is a must read, don’t miss this one.

My thanks to the author for my copy to read and review.

5 stars
    October 25, 2022 by Harlequin Presents