This Side of Fate

 This Side of Fate

Tanya Nellestein

Reviewed by Helen

I totally understand why this book won the 2022 RWA Sapphire Award it was fabulous from start to finish, it has everything a reader of a good book would want with a mystery, family secrets strong fabulous characters who are put to the test when a car accident turns their world upside down.

Sophie Keane is living a great life, good job, boyfriend, loving parents sister and brother and a great friend, but when her parents are in a car accident that leaves them critically injured, her mother in a coma and her father needing multiple surgeries Sophie gives blood to help and then finds out her father is not her biological father, this leaves her stunned and shocked and wondering who is going to answer her questions?

Oliver Hart has been through a lot in his life and started out doing medicine but that was not for him he wanted to be a private investigator so far his clients have been getting him to check out cheating spouses, he wants more and he is more than happy to take on Sophie’s case and finding out who her father is.

Sophie and Oliver work together with information and what they start to uncover is a series of dark secrets that have been kept for nearly thirty years, uncovering her beautiful mother’s past is heartbreaking, but Sophie wants the truth, she needs the truth to continue. What they uncover will shock not only Sophie but her siblings as well, getting answers brings Sophie closer to Oliver he is there through the emotional turmoil that is her families past.

This is fabulously well told story that digs deep into a family’s past, it is highly emotional at times, all the characters were so good but I loved Sophie’s strength and courage and Oliver, he is so understanding and caring, this is a story that I would highly recommend.

5 stars

October 25, 2022 by wine&words publishing