Outback Wind: The Jillaroo

 Outback Wind: The Jillaroo

The Augathella Girls #4

Annie Seaton

Reviewed by Helen

Another lovely story in this series, this time we see local Ben Riley find the love of his life in jillaroo Amelia Foley who has arrived at Kilcoy Station with her dog Chilli Girl to start work their first meeting does not start well.

Amelia was sent to boarding school but the country life horses and cattle are in her blood and to do what she wants she must move away from the family station in The Gulf Country, she is looking forward to getting back on a horse and working with cattle finding love isn’t top priority, but meeting Ben things might change.

Ben is an engineer and has travelled a bit over the years but is back in his home town but not for long if he has his way that is until he meets the new jillaroo on Kilcoy Station. Her dog brings them together and now staying in Augathella might be just what he really wants.

This is a sweet romance I really liked Ben and Amelia and Chilli Girl and one of the things I am enjoying with this series is meeting up with the other characters that we have come to know and seeing where their lives are going as well. A great book and series to enjoy.

4 stars
August 31, 2022