Breaking All the Rules

 Breaking All the Rules

Credence Colorado #4

Amy Andrews

Reviewed by Helen

Amy Andrews knows how to blend, fun, wit, sexy and sizzle into her stories in the best possible way, this is my fourth visit to Credence and I loved it, getting to know Bea Archer and Austin Cooper was so much fun, of course there are plenty of emotions as well, as Bea runs from LA and her stressful corporate life in advertising for the quiet life in Credence, to get her life back.

Bea rents an apartment in town and stays put it is time to do as she wants and if that means having beer for breakfast and binge watching Supernatural and cheering for Team Dean and not giving two hoots what other people think about how she dresses then this is living, it is time for Bea to start breaking all the rules that have been pushed on her for a long time.

After two weeks holed up in the apartment Bea is craving sugar and leaves her sanctuary to find sugar dressed in her track pants and bunny slippers she is content after purchasing pie and ice-cream. But it seems that someone is not happy with her appearance and calls the cops and young deputy Austin Cooper arrives to sort her out and Bea lets loose and finds herself in the pokey, for a short time going through all of the rules that she is breaking.

It is not long before Austin is helping Bea break more rules and lots of fun is being had and lots of pie is being eaten and then lots of sizzle time in bed, Bea and Austin are burning up the sheets and having the best time, but Bea is not going to fall for someone who is ten years her junior, doing things that she has wanted to for a long time though come with some consequences that will see Bea have to make a big decision, can she find herself?

I loved this story so much and cannot recommend it enough to any romance reader who loves fun and sensual sizzle, the dialogue and banter between Bea and Austin is just so good, I laughed out loud so many times and smiled throughout and I also cheered them on, I loved Austin what a hero and Bea is fun and loving. Of course catching up with characters in Credence was great as well and I do hope we have more stories in Credence, Thanks Amy Andrews for another awesome read.

My thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for my copy to read and review.

5 stars
January 24, 2023 by Entangled: Amara