Unbreak my Heart

 Unbreak my Heart

With Love, From Kurrajong Crossing

Dakota Harrison

Reviewed by Helen

Another fabulous book in this series, this one is very moving and emotional, as we get to know Simon Jameson, handsome bar tender at The Spotted Cow and award winning architect become friends, lovers and then will they make it to forever?

Simon is part of a big loving family and yes he thought he had it all until, suddenly he didn’t, he lost his beloved wife and unborn child and then on Valentine’s Day his niece was born Simon needed to get away he did not know what he was looking for but he met this beautiful woman and plans for a one night stand didn’t quite happen, but he did not forget Eva, because one she is beautiful and two she helped him forget for a while.

Evangeline Adams is a divorced mother of three year old Matty she is very happy with her life and has arrived in Kurrajong Crossing to watch the start of the re-building of the popular pub The Spotted Cow, the last person she expected to see was Simon the man was so heartbroken that night and she felt such an pull towards him, she is hoping that perhaps they can become friends at least.

The spark ignites between Simon and Eva the instant they see each other but there is so much in their pasts will they ever be able to overcome it to look towards a very happy future together, this one is very sensual and honestly so moving there were tears from me as Simon and Eva become the best of friends and then started moving on from that, Simon especially has some hurdles to overcome and Eva is just the one to help, with Matty as well.

I do highly recommend this one to any romance reader.

My thanks to Tule Publishing for my digital copy to read and review.

5 stars
April 18, 2024 by Tule Publishing