Captive But Forbidden by Lynn Raye Harris

 Review by Maria

I read this novel with particular interest because it features a woman of European origin and a hero of Indian ethnicity.  Although I don't hail from a Mediterranean country like Veronica St. Germain, being Irish, my life partner is an Indian.

One thing I always expect of an Indian in a romantic situation is the devotion to duty and most of all to family.  Rajesh Vala, the hero of this romance, doesn't do family, which makes him unusual to say the least.  Lynn describes him vividly and I can see him as a tall, commanding hero with Indian ethnicity but without the cultural baggage which goes with being Indian.  He was, after all, raised in the west and was the son of an American mother.  Lynn describes him as having the beauty and appeal of a tiger - of course tigers can be fierce and terrifying, but they are basically pussycats after all.  They do have their soft and appealing side.  Very alluring indeed.

Veronica makes an appealing  heroine as a former party girl who had cleaned up her act and is now doing her part to put her country on the world map.  The dynamics of her relationship with her bodyguard, Rajesh, makes interesting reading.  I could almost see Aliz, her country.  I envisaged it as a small country,  somewhat caught between European and eastern traditions - something like Malta or Cyprus, maybe.

An enjoyable read which evokes the kind of positive emotions which a good romance novel should.

Review by Desere:

This was another fantastic read by the brilliant author Lynn Raye Harris. But this time the author added in a twist that I have not seen done before. I always see other author incorporating sexy brooding men from other countries as the hero's into their books ,Italian,Russian,French you name it they are on the list.But what the author did this time was she took someone from a complete different cultural background Indian ethnicity and teamed him up with a authority figure female that I did not expect but boy did she make it work!

The story of the once wild girl Veronica cleaning up her act and taking the place of her father as ruler of a Mediterranean principality  and in the process being kept "captive" by her overly protective bodyguard Rajesh was simply put BRILLIANT !

To Rajesh she is forbidden but when the feelings of overwhelming passion take control this couple truly heat up the pages. I loved how the author thought outside the box and with every page the book only got better.

There was passion,romance a sense of betrayal and best of all in true Lynn Raye Harris form a gorgeous ending !

5/5 review

Review by Nas

CAPTIVE BUT FORBIDDEN by Lynn Raye Harris is a Mills & Boon Modern and a Harlequin Presents release.

This last threat received by the President of a small Island nation, Aliz, resulted in her friend hiring a top security company for her safety.  When she ran for the presidency, Veronica St. Germaine was used to political rivalry and mild threats. She didn’t want more security personnel involved in her life on top of her own country’s security.

Meeting Rajesh Vala, head of the security company, made her adamant to resist his help more. For some reason he pushed all her wrong buttons with his arrogance! And she also felt all her dormant innermost desires firing into overdrive by his nearness.    

When she received another threat that very night, Veronica broke down in front of him. And he hired himself as her protector.

Then they hear about the coup on Aliz. The police chief had taken over, ousting our madam President, Veronica.  She once more becomes adamant to return to her nation for her people and wouldn’t listen to anyone. Now, what would Raj Vala do? Can he let her return to a country in political turmoil? And when all her problems are solved then what?

This is an exciting romance that has that special Lynn Raye Harris ingredient of thrills, intrigue and mystery. There is also a touch of international espionage. The sexual tension between them just sizzles. The chemistry between Raj and Veronica is irresistible and overwhelming, forcing them into each others’ arms. Will their romance survive when Veronica is back as the President of her nation?

Raj doesn’t do homes and happily ever afters. But Veronica wants a man who loves her and lives with her happily ever after. How will two such diverse characters from such different backgrounds get together?

Emotions are palpable and heart-wrenching. You can feel their pain.

CAPTIVE BUT FORBIDDEN is a moving, uplifting and feel good romance. It is packed with witty dialogue, intense emotion and sizzling love scenes. Lynn Raye Harris brings this emotional and poignant story of past hurts, dealing with grief and new beginnings which will keep a reader turning pages with its captivating blend of thrills, mystery and romance.