Cassie's Grand Plan by Emmie Dark

Reviewed by Maria

Cassie has a lifeplan.  I've never had one, but I  recognise the wisdom of having one.  Get the career on track first, then plan to settle down, that sort of thing. Planning is a way of life for smart people. It was vital for Cassie Hartman.  Her life was turned upside down by the loss of her parents and the desertion of her elder brother when she was just sixteen.  She nearly ended up on the streets, in the world's oldest profession (so-called).  Happily, a kind man offered her a chance of a job.  Cassie took the job, worked hard and got herself to a stage where she was running a home furnishing business with branches all over Australia.  In fact she did it so well that the boss man was able to leave the entire business in her capable hands and start another one.  Step One of the plan required Cassie to become CEO of the company.  That done, she'd go for an appearance makeover, then look for a man to fulfil her dreams of having a family again.

Ronan McGuire, a hotshot consultant from the USA, comes to study Cassie's report on the business, ostensibly to see if she would make a worthy CEO.  In fact, he's studying the business to assess it's suitability for a takeover by an international company.  This is confidential information and Cassie is not a party to it.

To cut to the chase, Cassie is sexually unawakened and feels that she needs some experience before she gets much older - finding the right man could take time.  Handsome Ronan has a few days to spend in Melbourne.  The pair are attracted to each other.  Cassie decides to embark on a temporary affair with Ronan and doesn't think beyond the next few days.  Ronan has an eye for Cassie and is not fool enough to turn down the opportunity to become her temporary lover.  As the two embark on a weekend fling however, all the cards are not on the table.  So what happens when the truth comes out?

Life doesn't always go according to plan.

Yes, it's an intriguing premise.  I liked the way the issue of youngsters who are left to grow up too fast, without a safety net to catch them when they fall.  It was great that Cassie had a programme for street kids to get some job training and opportunities.  I love novels which can provide good reading entertainment and at the same time, not shy away from the darker issues.

Cassie and Ronan both have their issues.  They make an attractive couple and for the few days I was reading this book, they were as real to me as my own family.  Cassie was a fascinating heroine, confident, yet vulnerable.  Strong in some ways but a little girl lost in others.  Ronan had quite a few problems and failings of his own, which gave the story a lot of weight.

Maybe it's just me, but I'd question the wisdom of a 'now is all we have' affair.  Situations like that may provide great pleasure and joy for a temporary period, but they can leave a person feeling kicked in the gut afterwards.  But in fairness, I don't think this story was saying anything different.

This is a worthy debut novel from Emmie Dark.  She has an engaging voice and a pleasing writing style.  I look forward to reading more of her work in the future.

Review by Desere:

It does not very often happen that I encounter a debut novel that is so gripping that putting it down to read later is just not a option yet in the last month I have managed to find two ! And Cassie's Grand Plan by Emmie Dark is one such novel.

Most woman out there have a plan ,complete studies,get a good job,meet man of dreams,have family ,settle down which ever it may be or in which ever order it may come is not always our decision. However Cassie recons she can stick to her plan ,but she does not count on the handsome sexy as sin Ronan making a grand and I do mean grand appearance.

Ronan completely rocks Cassie's world and turns her plans upside down.But it does not stop there Ronan 's live gets just as turned up side down by Cassie and the real question is ,can these two souls manage to overcome their troublesome lives to be together or will each follow their own plan.

I loved just simply loved every second of this superb novel. It had flair,fun and fresh characters and made for a whole lot of extra brilliant reading!I foresee many more amazing,gripping and incredible reads to come from this author. Well done Emmie !

5/5 Review

Review by Nas:

CASSIE’S GRAND PLAN by debut author Emmie Dark is a March 2012 release from Harlequin Super Romance.

Cassie Hartman had a plan- to get promoted, get her appearance updated then get married and have a family!

Ronan McGuire was distracting her plans. He was here to get her fired, wasn’t he? So what was his place in Cassie’s plan? Can she trust him after his betrayal?

Ronan had to work extra hard all the way up the corporate ladder to prove himself to his father, would he lose all for Cassie now?

CASSIE’S GRAND PLAN is a sensational romance with a strong heroine in Cassie, snappy dialogue and tender sweet and exciting moments. Emmie Dark has written a superb, engrossing and fascinating romance which kept my interest reverted from the very beginning.
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