An Indiscretion by Lynne Marshall

Review by Maria

AN INDISCRETION is a contemporary medical romance, which is full of passion and high and low moments.  Plenty of latin thrills as well.

Many years ago, a boy of Hispanic origin dared to ask his boss's daughter to the school dance.  Carry's father Wesley not only forbade this, he took a terrible revenge on the boy for his so called presumptuousness.

Now that boy is that girl's boss.  They have lots in common - a love of Spanish food and wine, Latin American dance, the Spanish language.  But Paul and Carry try to maintain a professional relationship and forget the past.

But can they?  Their attraction is stronger than ever.  They tear up the dance floor together.  And as for the bedroom......the love scenes are sizzling hot.

But it takes more than just attraction to sustain a relationship.  It takes love and trust and both of them have been hurt in the past.  Can they forget the past and move on?

You'll have to read the book to find out.  But it will be worth it, I'm telling you.

Review by Desere :

Lynn Marshall has written one of the most brilliant reads ever,An Indiscretion is filled with loads of delicious heat,secrets and passion.

Carrington is not the average daddy's little rich girl no she decided to turn her back on daddy's money and make her own success. But being a successful nurse is all she really has,a love life is non existing as her previous fiancee was just a money grabbing gold-digger and she deserves love.

So she moves to Los Angeles and tries to focus on starting a new,fresh life. It all goes according to plan until the one man who rocked her world many years ago shows up. Dr Paul Valverde has come along way from the poor Spanish boy he use to be,not only that he is no longer the "bad boy" sent to the detention centre for stealing from her father. No he is now a successful doctor and business man with more than enough money of his own. But just like Carrington he also lacks love in his life,not to mention the rage he holds in his heart for Carrington and  what she and her father did to him. Sounds intriguing right ,you bet it is!

In this book the author really knew how to get your attention and hold it right though to the end ! This was a real page turner and I for one could not get enough. The way the author throws hero and heroine back together on each other life path and the many life changing decisions they need to make was truly entertaining. Also the truth as to what really happened all those years ago that destroyed the one innocent crush made for a real scorcher of a read. Well done Lynn !

5/5 review

Review by Nas:

AN INDISCRETION by author Lynne Marshall is The Wild Rose Press release.

Carrington Hanover turned her back on her rich dad’s money and became a nurse. Then she meets Dr. Paul Valverde, who had a crush on the teenage Carry and had invited her to his prom as his date. But back then Carry’s dad had other ambitions regarding her and it did not include the working class Spanish boy. After forcing Carrington to decline Paul’s invitation, he accused Paul of stealing from his house. Paul ended up in teen detention center.

With this history between them how could Carry feel that Paul was still the most incredible man she’d ever met?

Now Paul was a successful doctor as well as a businessman. But could Carrington trust him? After all he did steal from her dad, didn’t he?

Paul wanted to take revenge on Carry yet the attraction between them doesn’t seem to abate. So he takes her to meet his grandfather. Is Carrington suitable for him? His grandfather doesn’t think so!

This tale is with plenty of heart, flair and sizzle. The chemistry between Carrington and Paul is scorching hot. And the past secrets make it intriguing.

Lynne Marshall has written a first-rate romantic read that will make readers smile as well as shed a tear. Paul had a tumultuous childhood and he had closed his heart to the possibility of love after being betrayed by Carry and her Dad. Could he love again? Could he trust her, and open his heart for her? Paul is a honorable man and darkly tormented while Carrington is idealistic yet fiercely independent and strong.

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