One Perfect Night by Rachael Johns

Reviewed by Nas

ONE PERFECT NIGHT by Rachael Johns is a Carina Press release for December 2011.

Peppa Grant had not healed after a messy break-up and was not looking for a relationship. After swiping into her boss’s car, she was just looking at owning up and apologizing for it.

Cameron McCormac found he couldn’t take his eyes off the children’s entertainer at his company’s family Christmas party. Then he walked over to introduce himself, little knowing that Peppa was employed by his company. But Peppa wanted to confess about ‘brushing up’ against his car in the car park. When Cameron found out her insurance company had gone bust he had a ‘proposition’ for her! And it was to attend the Christmas eve party at his aunt’s the same afternoon. His family was always matchmaking and he wanted to take Peppa as she was, dressed in a fairy outfit, to meet his family. But the attraction sizzled between them and they ended up in bed later that night.

Cameron had had dreams of family and forever after with his wife but she was no more now and he didn’t want long term either. So they decided on a fling. But will this fling-only work?

And then Peppa found she was pregnant, but will this miracle work to bring Cameron and Peppa together?

Rachael Johns touches the heart with this poignant tale of fresh starts, past wounds and second chances.

I very much enjoyed this enthralling romance between Peppa and Cameron and the love scenes were sizzling!