Straight to the Heart by Samantha Hunter

Review by Nas

STRAIGHT TO THE HEART by author Samantha Hunter is a January 2012 Harlequin Blaze release.

Joanna Wyatt gets a job waitressing in Ben Callahan’s Texas roadhouse. She does a good job. And is hot to look at! Ben finds his eyes stray toward her once too often. He feels an electric current whenever he comes near her. The very air sizzles around them.

Yet, what Ben doesn’t know, Joanna is an US Marshall sent undercover to protect Ben. He had witnessed a murder and the killer was after him to stop from testifying.

Ben finds Joanna carrying a gun and teaches her to shoot properly without knowing she learnt shooting when she was seven years old. And teaching to shoot? Oh, Wow! The chemistry between them is written so deeply that it leaps off the pages! But what will happen after Ben testifies and Joanna’s job is over? Will she go her own way to a new posting? And will Ben let her just walk away?

STRAIGHT TO THE HEART has a strong heroine in Joanna. She was hot, gorgeous and not afraid to take out a goon or two! Ben was an out an out alpha hero yet he deferred to Joanna when necessary which was so beautifully written that you cannot help but fall for him!

It’s a captivating; once you start reading you have to reach the end, sensual romance. Another winner from a fabulous writer, Samantha Hunter, whose name alone is a sure fire guarantee of high quality romantic fiction!