The Devil and Miss Jones by Kate Walker

Reviewed by Desere :

Imagine driving around trying to escape a life of demons and suddenly out pops a bride in full wedding attire! Whoa right ! That is the opening scene of the brilliant read from Kate Walker. And you know when a book has such a awesome opening scene your definitely in for a fantastic book all the way.

And what a book this was indeed. The author took me on a journey of love,self discovery,passion and romance. I loved how the author created such a almost magical world for the characters to unfold in for me the reader. We see the sexy and somewhat mysterious Carlos Diablo (I know what your thinking and yes Diablo means devil but trust me on this you will be more than pleasantly surprised when you learn this man's true nature,no devil at all )learn a valuable lesson in life and at the same time he leans to escape his demons that he has been running from.  I simply loved how the author unveiled his develish clock !

Then there is Martha the run-a-way bride ,she was such a fabulous character ! Feisty in her own right but at the same time scared half to death of being a single mother. I loved how the author showed me that Martha was not who she really seemed ,sounds intriguing ,you bet ,very nice twist Mrs. Walker !

 I have always loved Kate Walker books and I have never been disappointed by her work and this time I was even more amazed than before for she completely took my breath away with this fabulous book ! Well done !


Reviewed by Maria

She meets him on the road, as she flees in full bridal regalia, from the sham of her wedding that never was.  He's lost in a private hell, trying to forget the family and the home to which he never really belonged.  They're two of a kind.  He sweeps her off her feet and takes her to heaven and back.  Then he walks out to think it over.  When he returns, she's gone.  He didn't even know her first name, and he'd only told her his first name and nickname, Carlos Diablo.

But their passion which burned for such a short time has consequences.  Oh, what consequences!  When they meet up four months later, there is a lot of heart and soul searching to be done.

Can they make a couple?  A family?  Should they?  Is it possible?  Is it necessary?   Love always finds a way.  Get this book and find out if they do it and how.

This book is, in my opinion, a potential romance classic.

Review by Nas

 THE DEVIL AND MISS JONES is multi published author, Kate Walker’s sixtieth title! It is released by Mills & Boon Modern as well as Harlequin Presents line in April 2012.

Just as Martha Jones get in her wedding finery, she walks into her fiancĂ©’s bedroom to find him with her chief bridesmaid. She walks away from the wedding and runs into Carlos Ortega.

Carlos was also running away from everything. The attraction is instant and the chemistry between them crackles and sizzles.

This runaway bride has one passionate night with gorgeous Carlos. With no intention of being a clinging virgin, she walks away from him. But the consequences of that one night bring her back to face him a few months later. Will Carlos let Martha just walk back in his life? For he was devastated when he’d found her gone.

What will happen when Carlos finds out just why Martha is back? But they find to their surprise that attraction between them still sizzles!

Kate Walker has written a fun, engrossing and fast paced story in THE DEVIL AND MISS JONES. There are hidden depths to Martha and Carlos characters. The emotional and sensory details are exquisitely done. THE DEVIL AND MISS JONES has strong characters, snappy dialogue, and tender, sweet and exciting moments which will keep a reader riveted from the first page.

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