Once A Farrera Wife by Sarah Morgan

Review by Desere

This was the first book of two about two absolutely incredible powerful and handsome brothers as created by the very talented Sarah Morgan.

We meet the somewhat weak in her own unique way Laurel ,she left her marriage and life she once knew behind to move on from a terrible miscarriage and the husband who she believed would be there for her when she needed him the most.

Now she is back as a favour to his sister and the man himself is more than persistent in proving that not only can he change ,be there for her and focus on work but that she and he can indeed have a very happy life together, for you see once you become a Ferrara wife your husband will never let you go.

And with a very delicious twist the author makes sure that as reader you get to go on a true heartfelt and romantic ride with two of the most incredible characters I have ever come across. The magic and passion between Cristiano and Laurel was absolutely overwhelming and had me crying and wishing these two souls could overcome the awful blow that life dealt years ago.

I truly loved this book and I for one did not want to see the beautiful romance end. Well written and stunningly created ! Well done Sarah !

5/5 review

Review by Nas

ONCE A FERRARA WIFE by USA Bestselling author Sarah Morgan is a February 2012 release by Harlequin Presents.

Laurel Ferrara goes to attend her best friend’s wedding in Sicily. The bride is her soon to be ex-husband’s sister. Meeting Cristiano Ferrara face to face after she walked out on him two years ago is an agonizing experience. He was an arrogant, stubborn, controlling and a powerful businessman in Sicily.

 To save herself from getting hurt she had walked away from her marriage. He’d demanded that she trust him and gradually she’d yielded to that as he would accept nothing less. And then he had let her down so badly she doubted the bruises would ever heal.

Cristiano had never stopped loving Laurel. And he said it at every opportunity! I loved him for saying that! And he confessed he made a mistake by not being with her when she needed him the most. Yet she couldn’t forgive him despite the dangerous incendiary chemistry flaring between them whenever they looked at each other. Dare she open her heart again to him? Could she trust him not to hurt her again?

This was an emotional roller coaster of a romance.  It seemed like Sarah Morgan was writing about real people in situations that could happen. Scenarios come alive as do the people with her use of dialogue and situation that helps us know them better. I found Laurel to be a realistic, flawed yet resilient heroine who seriously lacks emotional trust and is constantly trying to protect herself from being hurt and Cristiano was a strong, charismatic and turned out to be a sensitive hero, whom I absolutely adored.

Sarah Morgan’s story telling is so vivid that I don’t believe that I’ve ever read a romance which pulled at my heartstrings so immediately and so strongly right through to the very end.

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