Melt by Natalie Anderson

Review by Nas

MELT by Natalie Anderson is a December 2011 release from Entangled Publishing.

To escape family during holidays, Hunter Wilson goes to Antarctica to work. He’s looking forward to isolation intimacy is the last thing on his list. Then he meets Emma Reed, who is headed there as well to work on an art project. Hunter flirts with Emma outrageously but steps back from getting too serious. Still he can’t deny the spark he feels for her. He is determined to show Emma what they can do to have fun in a place where night has no meaning.

Emma can also feel her frozen heart thaw after a lifelong of broken trusts and relationships. Will she take what Hunter offered? Will their hearts melt in this frozen place?

MELT is a story which has a strong conflict and sizzling sexual tension. The characters are smart and sharp-witted and match up perfectly. I can’t actually point out the difference in Natalie Anderson’s other titles although there is a subtle variation in that the hero is alpha yet he flirts and is a funny loveable character who is not serious all the time! It was a pleasure to meet Hunter and go with him on his journey to discover love. And Emma was witty and charming. This was a fun read and the ending was simply excellent!

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