We'll Always Have Paris by Jessica Hart

Review by Nas

WE’LL ALWAYS HAVE PARIS by Jessica Hart is a January 2012 release from Harlequin Romance.

Simon Valentine doesn’t believe in love. He is an economist so he believes economic imperatives drive the way we think, behave and feel.

 Clara Sterne has sworn off man after her last disastrous relationship and she must remain a professional. So now she needs to convince Simon to host a TV documentary on Romance. After much persuasion Simon agrees to present the new documentary. But then he challenges Clara to show him romance in Paris! Will Clara rise to this challenge? Can she convince him, yet again, of the powers of love and romance? After all they’re shooting in the most romantic city in the world, Paris.

WE’LL AWAYS HAVE PARIS is a fast paced, sexy, romantic yet a realistic story. How can two characters so dissimilar in their thinking and outlook will ever end up together? Yet the author has surprises in store for us readers. This story will enthrall readers and the unique premise and master story-telling will captivate. Jessica Hart has come up with an emotionally satisfying story of compromise and sacrifice in relationships. This story shows the significance of knowledge in investing and micro-financing. It also shows how loves importance precede the practical and logical issues of life.

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