Playing His Dangerous Game by Tina Duncan

Review by Nas

PLAYING HIS DANGEROUS GAME by Tina Duncan is a January 2012 release by Mills and Boon Australia for its SEXY series.

Shara Atwood’s ex husband stalks and threatens her with violence. She doesn’t want to retaliate but keeps ignoring him. She is livid when her businessman father hires a personal security consultant for her. She could handle her own personal affairs, couldn’t she?

Royce has the largest and the most reputable security business in the world. And he didn’t need the hassle of being a bodyguard to a spoiled socialite. As a special favor to Shara’s dad he had agreed. But he couldn’t prevent the sizzle whenever he came in contact with Shara! And he was determined to find out the truth behind the sadness he could glimpse in Shara’s eyes.

PLAYING HIS DANGEROUS GAME has a unique premise in that it deals with a stalker ex-husband.  At first it shows Shara as a victim and then how she gradually recovers her self-confidence and stands up for herself. The growth and progression of love among the characters is subtle.

Tina Duncan’s mastery of the subtleties of relationships is amazing to read. This story comes to life and at the end we are left with lot of surprises. It is a romance packed with sizzle and sexual tension adding to the page turning quality of a book!

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