Interview with the daredevil by Nicola Marsh

Review by Nas

Sexy Duo/Interview With The Daredevil/How To Win The Dating War
Interview with the Daredevil (Harlequin Presents Extra)
Interview with the Daredevil (Harlequin Presents Extra)

INTERVIEW WITH THE DAREDEVIL by author Nicola Marsh is a Harlequin Presents release for February 2012.

Roman Gianakis is an extreme sports specialist. Ava is recently divorced when she literally bumps into him! The intense sexual attraction is instant.

Yet both of them are not ready for long term commitment. So they opt for a fling. For Roman, being with Ava moved beyond closeness because of her ability to home in on his innermost thoughts bordering on an intimacy he'd shied away from his entire life. Could he let Ava in his life long-term and into his heart?

Everything seemed brighter, sharper and larger than life when Ava is with Roman and for a person living in shadows, this was too much! Could she hope for this for the rest of her life?

INTERVIEW WITH THE DAREDEVIL is simply fabulous. I couldn't resist gobbling up this delicious contemporary romance all night long! Nicola Marsh has created a thoroughly modern and beleivable character in Ava, and Roman is a gorgeous hero who will make women swoon with delight. Refreshing, romantic and highly entertaining, this fabulously uplifting, emotional and captivating story is for keeper shelves!

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