Jilted by Rachael Johns

Reviewed by Maria
Jilted is a deeply emotional reunion love story. Flynn and Ellie meet each other ten long years after she jilted him at the altar. Ten long years in which Flynn went to hell and back and in which Ellie rose to the heights of fame as a television soap star. Can this pair say hello to each other? Can they ever be friends again? It's a moot point. But why did Ellie leave the man she loved so cruelly? The compulsion to discover why will keep you reading and reading.

Rachael Johns is a sensitive and compassionate writer who objectively shows what's going on inside the heads of the main characters without being judgmental. She shows us Flynn's hurt, which won't go away and his fighting against the love and attraction he still can't help feeling for Ellie. She shows Ellie's love for Flynn, her shame at having wronged him and the mortification she feels as the barbs of Flynn's protective circle of friends hit home. We come to admire her courage at coming home to nurse her sick guardian in the face of the community which doesn't feel like welcoming her. In this novel the life of a small town is laid bare - the good, the bad and the frustrating. There are some memorable characters thronging the pages too. Ellie's bohemian aunt Matilda, one of the 'characters' of the town and the bitchy nurse Flynn dates to try to get over Ellie. I was particularly charmed by the Australian lingo which is peppered throughout the book. I would classify this story as emotional rather than sexy, yet there are frank love scenes (although admittedly not many) and I was surprised at the way a certain four letter word made it's appearance at times, right out of the blue!

If you like reading emotional love stories, you'll love this one. You'll learn a heck of a lot about life in small town Western Australia too.
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Review by Desere:

Jilted, such a nasty sounding word but yes that is what this truly wonderful read by Rachel Johns was about, making you forget all about the implications behind such a word as Jilted.

The author got my attention for the word get go ! The intriguing mystery behind why she left sexy Flynn behind  all those years ago,breaking the goldenboy's heart into a million shattered pieces,not the mention the fantastic sizzling secret that Ellie's godmother is hiding,all had me reading as fast as I could to see what truly lies beneath !

This was my very first Rachel Johns book for me and I will be making a habit of looking out for more fantastic reads by her. The never forgotten passion between Ellie and Flynn is unmistakably and without a doubt one of the most delicious set of scenes in one book I have ever read.

I loved how the author brought the two characters to the point of a face-off so to speak each owing up to their own mistakes and unspoken feelings. Each and every character in this small town played a important role to bring the book to a fabulous completion.

The book was also not at all overwritten like in some books the story drags on and on and on to a point where I feel like I am about to scream out loud if the author does not reveal the facts immediately, that was not the case in Jilted. The author left plenty to the imagination and gave me just enough secrecy to keep me going to get to the end to see the end results.

I highly recommend Jilted for every romance reader out there.

5/5 Star Review

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Reviewed by Sara

Jilted by author Rachel John was amazing, this book reeled me in from get go. The writing was flawless and the way book started out was pretty unique. I liked the buildup to Ellie and Flynn finally running into each other literally 10 year after Ellie had jilted Flynn at the alter with out a word or an explanation, this is were the story takes off.
There was nothing rushed about this book, I loved the pace, the story flowed seamlessly through the chapters. Jilted put me through an emotional roller coaster, the author did a good job and kept me guessing through the chapters, I laughed, I cried and routed for the Ellie and Flynn and hoped they would get a HEA they so deserved.
Jilted is a story about small towns and big relationships; of facing your demons and perseverance in the face of adversity; of forgiveness and second chances; of friendship and True Love that transcends through time, loss, and pain.

Jilted was hard to put down, I so badly wanted to see Ellie and Flynn fall in love again and get back together but I wasn’t sure how this story was going to end. The author kept me engrossed and at the edge of my seat, I didn’t even blink until I was finished reading the book and boy was it worth skipping lunch over!

I really enjoyed reading Jilted, this was my first book by author Rachel John and it definitely won’t be my last!

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