Gentlemen Prefer Nerds by Joan Kilby

Review by Laura

After reading excerpts of Joan Kilby’s Gentlemen Prefer Nerds around a few places I was intrigued. It sounded a romance story but with a nerd and a gentleman? Will they end up together? This was the question in my mind! And pink diamonds! Now which girl doesn’t love diamonds? Even if we can’t afford it, we can still read about it!

Then as luck sometimes seem to favour, I won a copy of Gentlemen Prefer Nerds at author Fiona Lowe’s blog.

As I started reading, this story took me back to my early twenties when I loved to watch thrilling movies. Roger Moore and Sean Connery in James Bond! Oh! My! Be still, my beating heart! This story is a very fast paced thrilling read. It is packed with car chases, helicopter rides, boat rides, dodging police and danger.

The heroine, Maddy Maloney is a jewel expert. Englishman, Fabian Montgomery tells her a jewel thief is after the rare pink diamond displayed in her aunt’s jewellery shop. She doesn’t believe him. Then the diamond gets stolen and Maddy is the prime suspect.

How Fabian takes her from the police and they go off to find the diamond and the thief is the basis of the story. On the way Fabian helps transform Maddie from a brown haired, specs wearing geek to a vibrant and sophisticated red haired beauty. His plans for Maddy are to seduce the diamond thief and steal the diamond back. But he also has to teach Maddy the art of seduction, so can he remain untouched by Maddy’s innocence?

This story had everything a voracious reader would want. It was a great mixture of romance, sensuality and excitement. The adventure Maddy embarks on after her calm existence is exhilarating to read. Then she falls in love with the unattainable Fabian. Does he love her and will they end up together? Who is he? Is he a thief himself? Why is he so interested in the diamond thief and the pink diamond?  Why don’t you get a copy to find out!
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