Can't Buy Me Love by Maggie Marr

Review by Nas

CAN’T BUY ME LOVE by Maggie Marr.

Business tycoon, Cole Jackson has had Meg Parson as his assistant for the past three years. They worked well together and Meg was a brilliant assistant. Cole didn’t want to spoil their working relationship by acting on the fire-crackling attraction which just simmered beneath the surfaces between them.

But for this one deal Cole had to pretend that there was more between them. They were doing the deal between a still very much in love couple. Pretending to be a couple brought them closer and they kissed. Now the relationship simply can’t go back to the way it was.

In the midst of the deal, Cole came across some papers which suggested that Meg had personal emails from their competitor. To save himself from being hurt and to save his company, Cole confronts Meg. And accuses her of being a traitor. While completely innocent Meg doesn’t fight back. Though heartbroken, she just leaves, but would she ever forgive Cole?

Can’t Buy Me Love is a story of power play between big corporates and jet setting CEOs. It is also a story of childhood traumas shaping your later behaviour. Add in romance to the mix and you have a crackling tension filled story. There is humour with steamy sensuality and heart tugging emotions. It is a fast paced read with a very exciting ending. I loved it!
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Reviewed by Maria

Love in the corporate world? Yes, why not? Most of us spend huge chunks of our lives in work so why not write about finding love in the working world? I'll bet that's where most people meet their life partners. I certainly did, although we weren't colleagues.

Cole and Megan are an attractive couple. He's the boss and she's an assistant. He's fabulously wealthy, but in many ways Megan is the sharper of the two in my opinion and Cole desperately needs her help to close the deal of a lifetime. But conflicts are inevitable. For one thing, she has huge ethical problems with being in love with her boss. She doesn't want to be known as the woman who slept her way to the top. The ethics of the situation don't worry Cole, but he has trust issues, having been let down badly by someone close in his early years. How this couple overcomes the various blocks and difficulties will keep you riveted. The main aspects of this novel include racy prose (which will keep you wide awake - please don't make this your bedtime read) and sizzling hot sex scenes.

This novel is set in a very glitzy and glamorous world and makes great escapist reading.