Lessons in Seduction by Sandra Hyatt

Reviewed by Maria


Prince Adam has a problem.  He can't find a princess.  Oh, he's well over the age of  suitability for marriage.  And yes, he's dated lots of women.  Beautiful, accomplished high achievers with just the right international profile, who would bring the tiny European principality of St. Philippe into the international spotlight.  But somehow, Adam just isn't that much of a hit with the ladies.  The reigning Prince of St. Philippe remains unwed while his younger brother is making wedding plans.

Danielle has a problem.  The daughter of  Prince Adam's chauffeur, she saw exactly what Adam was doing wrong when she discreetly stood in for her father and drove Adam on his latest date.  But how does she tell him that his unromantic and businesslike approach is a complete turn-off?

When she indicates as much to Adam, he thinks he's found the answer to his problem.  His comfort level with Dani is very high and she's one woman who will speak frankly to him, prince or no prince.  They played together as kids after all.  He appoints her as his driver on all future dates.

But the solution for Adam's problem is the beginning of another one for Dani.  Why?  She cares for the prince far more deeply than anyone knows.  But she'll never tell him.  She's a modern girl who has lived in the United States, her mother's country of origin, for some years.  But she's also a St. Philippian citizen and a loyal one.  She knows that the Prince's duty is to marry a suitable bride for the sake of duty and tradition.  A high profile, high society bride, not a servant's daughter, a driving specialist, so what if she's working on a project to bring the prestigious Grand Prix race to St. Philippe?

So how do this pair go about solving their problem?  That's the crux of the plot of  LESSONS IN SEDUCTION, a delightful HM&B Desire novel, written by the late Sandra Hyatt.  The book was published after her untimely death last year.  It is an insightful royal romance about love, duty and tradition.  And about how following your heart isn't always the obvious thing to do.

If it wasn't for her tragically early death, I've no doubt that Sandra would, in time, have become one of the top selling HM&B authors.  She was only a few books old when she passed away.  I'm so glad I got to read this one.

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