The Last Real Cowboy by Donna Alward

Review by Nas

THE LAST REAL COWBOY from author Donna Alward is a April 2012 release from Mills & Boon Cherish and Harlequin Romance.

Angela Beck just needed moral support from Sam Diamond for her charity foundation after his mother couldn’t come due to illness. His mother was a board member but now that Sam’s dad had suffered a stroke she stayed away to nurse him.

Angela wanted Sam to show support for the project to highlight its importance to other influential people in the town. It was personal to her that her project, Butterfly House, a special women’s shelter for victims of abuse, is set up and starts operating fast. Why was an abused victim’s shelter important to Angela? Who was she waiting for to come knocking for help?

Sam Diamond had too much to do as it was with his dad sick, and he didn’t have time to sit on the foundation’s board. All he had time for is to write a check and be done with it. But meeting Angela, sparks flew. And Sam found he just couldn’t walk away after just writing the checks! Angela had been rude and prickly with Sam so when had he decided he wanted to have more to do with Angela? And why was Angela keeping away from him?

I found THE LAST REAL COWBOY to be an engrossing and an enthralling story. Angela, though hurt and still coming to terms with her childhood issues is a wonderful heroine, I very much admired. And Sam is a gorgeous hero whose strength, sensitivity and magnetism made me love him. He challenged Angela’s emotions and her priorities and made her fall for him despite her misgivings. Author Donna Alward has skillfully penned another heartwarming story which had a bit of thrill and danger as well!
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