Shades of Desire by Virna DePaul

Review by Nas

SHADES OF DESIRE by author Virna DePaul is from Harlequin line.

Natalie Jones is a professional photographer and to lose her sight to a genetic disorder is distressing for her. She had retinal degeneration and for a photographer who depended on her eyesight and camera this was devastating, not just personally but professionally as well. Her long term relationship also broke when her boyfriend had walked away after saying he couldn’t go through this losing of her sight with her. But he left her to go through the devastation and pain alone.

She takes some last photos as she is a photographer of some considerable repute and can just manage to make out outlines and blurry shapes now. She is not ready to hang her camera yet. Then she is completely unnerved by her final descent into darkness as she falls down in the market square where she was taking these photos and blacks out.

Liam ‘Mac’ McKenzie was a homicide detective who was divorced due to the pressures of his work. But he consoled himself that he was being the ‘voice’ and bringing justice to victims who couldn’t seek it out themselves. He was part of an elite group of Special Investigators working for the California Department of Justice.

Mac is investigating a murder of a young girl when the murderer strikes again. This time his target was Natalie Jones. But she struggled and managed to fight him off. Why was the murderer targeting Natalie? She was blind now but what had she seen when she was last photographing? As Mac tries to get his questions answered he is very much aware of Natalie as a person. He is attracted to her and starts desiring her. But he tries to do the right thing and keeps away from her as he believes he won’t be able to give her what she needs and she is a potential witness after all! He could lose his career.

 And the murderer tries to kill Natalie yet again! Mac feels the urge to protect Natalie, as he races against time to investigate the reason for the murderer’s intent to kill Natalie.

SHADES OF DESIRE is a fast paced, thrilling and keeping me on the edge of seat story! It’s full of tension and danger. Natalie being blind is a small part but her courage and determination through it all is amazing. Mac had thought Natalie would be needy and clingy yet she brought strength with her gentleness and her unwavering goodness and fixed Mac. She made him strong and brave to turn away from fear and death and to simply love.

With the loss of her eyesight and her other senses heightened, how Natalie feels desire for Mac is remarkably told by the author. The sensuality in the love scenes just sizzles.

 SHADES OF DESIRE is a romance story amid the police drama and murder mayhem which sparkles with plenty of sizzle, sensuality, emotions and passion. It’s a gripping tale of second chances, past secrets and unexpected attraction.
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