Skin by Patricia Rosemoor

Review by Nas


SKIN is a murder and investigation story by author Patricia Rosemoor.
Lilith Mitchell leaves home to go away to college after getting a scholarship. But she regrets leaving behind her younger sister to fend for herself. Unable to defend herself from an abusive step father, the younger sister runs away from home.
After Lilith gets a job she spends thousands of dollars trying to search for her sister Hannah. And all the while she mentors teenagers. She also takes self defense classes.

She meets her sister at a gentlemen's club. The sister performs there as Anna. This is the same club that has two of its workers missing and turning up murdered. Lilith tries to convince Hannah/Anna to leave this line of work for its lack of self respect for women and danger. But Anna wouldn't listen to her. She blames Lilith for leaving her alone and going away to college. Then Anna is snatched by the killer. How Lilith would save Anna now?

She dresses up as Anna and goes to work in that club to entice the killer out. Now the killer is after Lilith! The police try to make Lilith leave the amateur sleuthing to the professionals and save her own live. Then her mentee, Cameron is snatched. Now, will Lilith leave the sleuthing to save her own life? And who is Michael, who says he is making a documentary about women in this line of work, titled SKIN? Lilith is attracted to Michael but she fights the attraction as she is warned about him.

SKIN is a thrilling read. It is full of drama, action and danger. With car chases and police stakeouts! Lilith is a strong heroine but Hannah/Anna is full of courage and determination. The author Patricia Rosemoor has packed this thriller with danger, emotional punch and some sizzling scenes as well!

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