A Forbidden Affair by Yvonne Lindsay

Reviewed by Nas
A FORBIDDEN AFFAIR is from the miniseries THE MASTER VINTNERS by author Yvonne Lindsay, released in April 2012 by Mills & Boon Desire line.
The first book in this series, The Wayward Son by Yvonne Lindsay, tracks the journey of Judd Wilson and Anna Garick. Judd's sister Nicole gets an introduction. And A Forbidden Affair brings to us the story of Nicole and Nate.
As soon as Nate Jackson sees Nicole Wilson dancing away on the busy dance floor, he feels attracted toward her. After dancing with her, he sweeps her away to his house for a sultry weekend. But he knew that she was his arch enemy's daughter, while Nicole had been unaware of his identity.
When she discovers his identity, she is shocked but angry with him. But he gives her an ultimatum- work for him now or her family would know of their affair. After all Nate was after vengeance on Nicole's family. He wanted revenge for her father's treatment of his father. But there are hidden secrets, aren't there?
What happens when these secrets areout? What will Nicole do now? Can she knowingly defect to the enemy camp?
A FORBIDDEN AFFAIR is a spellbinding tale of powerful secrets, new beginnings, redemption and hope. A poignant story about letting go of the past and seizing the day.
Yvonne Lindsay's characters come alive on the pages with the use of sharp and humorous dialogue and vivid atmospheric details that the reader is personally involved in their happiness. It is a story with real characters, inspired plot and delightful resolution.
Nicole and Nate's story is hugely enjoyable and highly romantic tale readers will find absolutelyimpossible to resist.
4.5 out of 5 Stars.