The Wayward Son by Yvonne Lindsay

Review by Nas

 The Wayward Son (Harlequin Desire)

THE WAYWARD SON is from the miniseries THE MASTER VINTNERS by author Yvonne Lindsay, released in March 2012 by Mills & Boon Desire line.

Judd Wilson feels the attraction between them as soon as his eyes fell on a guest at his lodge, Anna Garick. When he meets her, he firmly decides to explore this attraction further. But what he didn't know was that Anna was there under cover of being a guest just to meet him.

  Anna was brought up by Charles Wilson in his household. Now that Charles was sick, he wanted to be reunited with his estranged son. So he sent Anna to deliver a letter to Judd, promising him controlling shares in his company as well as his house. Will Judd accept his estranged father's offer?

Judd saw this as a good opportunity to take revenge on his father by selling off his father's company and house. And he had wicked plans for Anna as he thought her to be his father's mistress. So he planned to seduce Anna away from his father to complete his vengeance. What happens when he finds out that though Anna loves his father dearly but as a father?

And what will happen when Judd's young sister Nicole Wilson, who was left with Charles, finds out that her father gave everything over to Judd without consulting her? She worked hard to gain her dad's appreciation and approval, but now he signed over the company and their house over to Judd. Read Nicole Wilson's story in, A Forbidden Affair, where Nicole goes and starts working for their fierce competitor.

  THE WAYWARD SON is an outstanding story with great tension, good fast pace and a fabulous plot. Yvonne Lindsay has delivered a super romance with a strong spirited heroine, a deliciously breath-taking hero and woven a tale which is filled with emotion and sizzle with a very nice happy ever after!

  4.5 out of 5 Stars!