Brought Together By Baby by Margaret McDonagh

 Brought Together by Baby/ One Month to Become a Mum (Mills & Boon Medical)

Reviewed by Maria

BROUGHT TOGETHER BY BABY by Margaret McDonagh was published in a two-in-one volume of M&B Medical Romances in the UK along with ONE MONTH TO BECOME A MUM by Louisa George in March 2012.

Nurse Holly Tait was  hurting from her still too recent rejection by Dr. Gus Buchanan.  Their budding relationship had been very intense, but it had been brought to an abrupt end when Dr. Gus rejected the good natured nurse for her more glamorous sister. Now, less then a year later, when Holly gets the terrible news that her sister has been killed in a motor accident and that doctors were working to save the child she'd been expecting, Holly's first instinct is to run to the side of her bereaved brother-in-law to offer her support, both to him and to the son who had miraculously survived the accident.

Dr. Gus Buchanan was still hurting from his rejection by Nurse Holly Tait less than a year earlier, when she'd sent her sister to inform him that she no longer wanted to see him.  This led him to an ill advised bout of drinking, in which Holly's sister got pregnant, compelling Gus to marry her for the sake of the unborn child.  With his wife dead in an accident and his newborn son motherless, Gus is compelled to accept Holly's support as he knows that as a busy doctor, it will be impossible for him to care for his newborn son all alone. He is, however, unsure about how much he can trust her.  With her unpredictable nature, will she walk out when it suits her and leave him and his son all alone to fend for themselves?

As Holly and Gus rebond while caring for baby Max, they'll come to know that they were both misled somewhere down the line.  But can the former intensity of their relationship be retrieved?  Or is it too late for them to start again?

A very tender and touching romantic story about misunderstandings and fresh starts from Margaret McDonagh, who sadly, died earlier this year.  She was certainly a talented writer who will be missed by her many admirers.  I'm glad I got the opportunity to read this lovely story.

Five out of five stars.