The Future Mrs. Winter by Sally Quilford

The Future Mrs. Winter (MF)

Reviewed by Maria

When Carey Ashmore arrived at Manishi, the imposing residence of the Winter family, she could have been forgiven for thinking that she'd just stepped into the pages of a Daphne Du Maurier novel.  The family head was called Max Winter and his girlfriend was a flirtatious, sarcastic woman by the name of Rebecca.  It all reminded Carey of a certain classic romantic suspense novel she'd just been teaching in her adult education evening class. 

Carey had been recently upset by a difficult break up with her overpowering ex-boyfriend and had needed to get away from it all.  So when her trusted friend and colleague Jake had suggested she pose as his fiancee and attend a family wedding with him in exchange for a holiday in Cornwall, she'd agreed.  Jake had explained that the deception was necessary in order to pressurie his domineering elder brother to allow him access to his share of the family fortunes.  When a dowager aunt (after a couple of gins!) lets it slip that elder brother Max is not a tightwad, but is in fact supporting a bunch of freeloading relatives, Carey knows that something is not quite right.  There's also the fact that the prospective in laws are extremely hostile towards each other for no apparent reason.  Not to mention the fact that Jake keeps on disappearing with Max's lady, Rebecca.  Carey can't understand that woman cheating on Max!  He's gorgeous and Carey is having trouble keeping up the deception of being Jake's fiancee because she finds Max so attractive.  Then a certain surprise guest joins the party!

A fine piece of romantic suspense from Sally Quilford.  It has enough mystery to send a few delicious chills up your spine.  It has enough humour to make you smile.  And it has enough romance to make you sigh.  I couldn't get enough of the dialogue, it was absolutely sparkling.  A little gem of a book.  You won't go wrong to add this to your summer reading list.

Five out of five stars.

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